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  1. Luitpold, Margrave of Bavaria - Wikipedia,_Duke_of_Bavaria

    Berthold, Duke of Bavaria from 938 to 948. From his descendants' titles, Luitpold is often called a duke of Bavaria or margrave of Bavaria, the latter title being more accurate to his actual status.

  2. Duke in Bavaria - Wikipedia

    Luitpold Emanuel Ludwig Maria, Duke in Bavaria (1890-1973), the last issue of the in Bavaria junior branch, sold Possenhofen and Schloss Biederstein in Munich in order to finance his late romantic Schloss Ringberg, which he eventually left as inheritance to the Max Planck Society.

  3. List of rulers of Bavaria - Wikipedia

    Luitpold, founder of the Luitpolding dynasty, was not a Duke of Bavaria but a Margrave of Carinthia under the rule of Louis the Child. Frankish power had waned in the region due to Hungarian attacks, allowing the local rulers greater independence.

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    Duke of Bavaria
    Duke of Bavaria
  4. Luitpold (c.850 - 907) - Genealogy

    Sep 10, 2019 · (Redirected from Luitpold, Duke of Bavaria) Jump to: navigation, search Luitpold or Liutpold (modern Leopold) (died 4 July 907), perhaps of the Huosi family or related to the Carolingians, was the father of the great Luitpolding dynasty which dominated Bavaria and Carinthia until the mid-tenth century.

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  6. Luitpold, Prince Regent of Bavaria - Wikipedia,_Prince_Regent_of...

    Luitpold Karl Joseph Wilhelm Ludwig, Prince Regent of Bavaria (12 March 1821 – 12 December 1912), was the de facto ruler of Bavaria from 1886 to 1912, due to the incapacity of his nephews, King Ludwig II for three days and King Otto for 26 years.

  7. May 04, 2019 · From a chronological point of view, it is unlikely that the wife of Arnulf Duke of Bavaria was the daughter of Duke Eberhard. The latter's children must have been born between 840 - 860, whereas Duke Arnulf's children were probably born between 905 - 920, suggesting their mother was born in 880/90".

  8. Albrecht, Duke of Bavaria - Wikipedia

    Albrecht, Duke of Bavaria (Albrecht Luitpold Ferdinand Michael; 3 May 1905 – 8 July 1996) was the son of the last crown prince of Bavaria, Rupprecht, and his first wife, Duchess Marie Gabrielle in Bavaria. He was the only child from that marriage that reached adulthood.

  9. Duchy of Bavaria - Wikipedia

    Luitpold himself was killed in action and his son Arnulf the Bad assumed the ducal title, becoming the first Duke of Bavaria from the Luitpolding dynasty. However, the Austrian march remained occupied by the Hungarians and the Pannonian lands were irrecoverably lost.

  10. Eberhard, Duke of Bavaria - Wikipedia,_Duke_of_Bavaria

    Eberhard was the eldest son and successor of the Luitpolding duke Arnulf of Bavaria (907–937). His dukedom was short, however, for he was banished by King Otto I of Germany in 938.

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