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  2. How to Name Your Character–Superheroes and Otherwise › 2007 › 10

    Oct 15, 2007 · Okay, I’m new and I want to throw some names out there from my comic that I’m making. There are some of them, most of these names are Japanese. The name of my comic is “Chaos.” It is my first comic. Zaan-Main character. Tamikito A.K.A Steele. Geiko. Geiana. Great White- Shark person. Dr. Kaos-Main Villian #

  3. Any ideas for Super Hero names? - Fluther › 30866 › any-ideas-for-super-hero-names

    Dec 29, 2008 · But his super hero alias could be anything, usually based on some attribute. LKidKyle1985 ( 6589 ) “Great Answer” ( 1 ) Flag as… ¶ RPG character? video game character? story character?

  4. What are the best hero names? - Answers › Q › What_are_the_best_hero_names

    Super hero names beginning with b? Batman is a super hero. His name begins with b. What is the best Guitar Hero game? The best gutiar hero game I think is Guitar hero 3 for ps2. I have only played ...

  5. Funny Super hero names [Archive] - Heroscapers › community › archive

    Nov 02, 2006 · Here are some names for a Tank type hero: Captain Cliff Beefpile Sledge Riprock Tank Concrete Bronc Drywall Stump Hugelarge Chunk Pylon Chunk Manmusk. Captain Ron Codpiece Sledge Fisthammer. Clint Stompheader. Captain Chuck Hardslab Chunk Ironchest Anyone recognize these?:D (I can't help but bust up laughing evertime I read this list.) Newb.

  6. ice superhero name generator - Synectica consult › ua7ue › b7dd4e-ice-superhero

    Say it 's not a `` super '' name tradition for good superhero names each time a new,. Favorite superhero, every year there are many ways to do this, but for names. Suit the gender and naming style, then click the button to generate mage.! Random city names good heroes need good names for all sorts of genres of fire at player!

  7. hero names for fire and ice powers › wp-content › uploads

    Discover optimized, integrated, proven systems for your business. Home; About Us; Services. Data Centre; Enterprise Software Solutions; Infrastructure Services

  8. What is a good name for a hero who can control pressure? - Quora › What-is-a-good-name-for-a-hero-who

    Mar 23, 2021 · What is a good name for a hero who can control pressure? PSI is the natural answer. This is so short will probably get clipped.

  9. Unappealing character names. : Cityofheroes › unappealing_character_names

    I’ve played with a lot of players that have had names that I either find appalling or uncreative but I don’t care because it’s what appeals to them. But hey, if you have the star it’s your rules. If having a good super hero/villain name is part of that criteria, that’s your call. You do you.

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