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      • Nicknames for Miriam Mira, Mimi, Miri, Mim, Mitzie Mim, Miz, Mij, Mimi, Midge, Pip My great-great-granddaughter's name is Miriam, but her son always refers to her as "The Keeper of the Fleshly Prison."
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    May 26, 2020 · Miriam Adler . Agh we love it! I also have a more traditional name (Virginia) and I’ve loved having the choice to go by Ginny instead. Any suggestions for nicknames for Miriam? So far I’ve thought of a few but don’t know if any of them are too much of a stretch: MiMi. Mia. Mira. Addie (for Adler) Thoughts?

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    Sep 07, 2008 · What is a nickname for miriam? - Answers. Mimi or mar. Home. Science. Math and Arithmetic. History. Literature and Language. Technology.

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    Nov 29, 2014 · A few nicknames for the name Miriam are.... Mimi Mimison Mitzi Mims

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    Sharon. Arlet. Esther. Sophie (now fresh again!) I found it interesting that most of the mothers didn’t feel their child’s name was “outdated”, they were proud of their child having this connection to the child’s grandparent and that was more important to them than the “name nerd” factor.

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    Baby Name Lists Containing Miriam. Popular Girl And Boy Names That Start With M. Top 1000+ Baby Names. Known Nicknames for Miriam. Mimi. Mitzi.

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    Mirham, Mirian, Mirja, Mirjam, Mirjana, Mirriam, Nicknames for Miriam. Meaning: “star of the sea” 1974), Hong Kong actress, Cantopop singer Below you'll find name ideas for Miriam with different categories depending on your needs.

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    Comments and insights on the name Miriam. Personal experiences with the name Miriam. Nicknames for Miriam. Mira, Mimi, Miri, Mim, Mitzie. Mim, Miz, Mij, Mimi, Midge, Pip. My great-great-granddaughter's name is Miriam, but her son always refers to her as "The Keeper of the Fleshly Prison."

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    Sep 03, 2012 · Throughout life I have been mistaken for a Muriel, Marianne, Marilyn, Miranda, and the worst I can remember was pronounced something like My-Rim. If anyone knows a Miriam, she is usually an old crazy aunt who had a lot of cats. True, I could have been called by my middle name, Helen, but was it much better?

  9. Jun 08, 2021 · Miriam Habtesellasie 1 day ago. ... And details of their nicknames for each other are bound to induce another ‘aww’ moment amongst royal fans.

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