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      • He perished in the Neuengamme concentration camp in Northern Germany. Pfeffer was given the pseudonym Albert Dussel in Frank's diary, and remains known as such in many editions and adaptations of the publication.
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    Mar 08, 2021 · Albert Dussel, a local dentist, moved into the Annex in early November 1942. The residents of the Annex welcomed him with coffee and cognac. He was stunned to see the Franks as he had heard the word of their escape. They explained their ruse and brought him up to speed with the rules of the Annex. At first, Anne took a liking to Dussel.

  2. Anne Frank 1929 - 1945 Chronology - Totally Timelines › anne-frank-1929-1945

    Aug 26, 2016 · Anne referred to him as Albert Dussel. 1944 (5th April) Anne Frank continued to write in her diary regularly, describing things that happened in the Secret Annex.

  3. A Tragedy Revealed: A Heroine’s Last Days › AnneFrankHeroineRevealed

    five months the Franks, the Van Daan family, and later a dentist, Albert Dussel, lived in the Secret Annex, protected from the Gestapo only by a swinging bookcase which masked the entrance to their hiding place and by the heroism of a few Christians who knew they were there.

  4. Who did Anne Frank share a room with? › who-did-anne-frank-share-a-room-with

    What happened to Mr Dussel's wife? Dussel's wife is a Christian, so she does not go into hiding, and he is separated from her. He dies on December 20, 1944, at the Neuengamme concentration camp. Mr. Kugler - A man who helps hide the Franks in the annex.

  5. What does Albert Dussel do for a living before he goes into ... › Q › What_does_Albert_Dussel_do_for

    Jul 10, 2009 · Albert Dussel was a dentist before he went into hiding.

  6. The Diary of Anne Frank:The Secret Heart Within the Secret ... › articles › anne-frank

    Shortly, they were joined there by the three members of the Jewish family Van Daan, and several months later by the dentist Albert Dussel. These eight lived together for two years, unseen and unheard by the world outside, except that their Dutch friends came stealthily to minister to them.

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    The film also records the first meeting between Miep Gies and Werner Peter Pfeffer, the son of Fritz Pfeffer ("Albert Dussel" in the Diary), who died two months after filming. In a moving scene, filmed as it happened, a tearful Pfeffer offers "Vielen Dank" ("many thanks") to Gies for her efforts to save his father.

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    Who was not taken away with the group in hiding? a. Henk Gies b. Mr. Kraler c. Albert Dussel d. Peter Van Daan

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