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  1. The Secret About Cash Cab You Weren't Supposed To Know › 257790 › the-secret-about-cash-cab

    Oct 07, 2020 · The Secret About Cash Cab You Weren't Supposed To Know. Cash Cab, the Discovery Channel series where everyday people just trying to get a cab ride in New York are amazed to suddenly find themselves on a game show full of bright lights, fun sound effects, and cash prizes, is all about the element of surprise.

    • Clara Olshansky
  2. 11 Fast Facts About Cash Cab | Mental Floss › 11-fast-facts-about-cash-cab
    • THE SERIES ORIGINATED IN ENGLAND. Before Cash Cab came to the U.S., it had a brief run in Britain. This Cash Cab aired on ITV with host John Moody. It kicked off in the summer of 2005 and, although producers had high hopes for the series, fizzled out by the following year.
    • THERE ARE CASH CABS ALL OVER THE WORLD NOW. Since the American iteration of Cash Cab became a hit, the concept has expanded across the globe. Internationally, it’s earned airtime in India, Canada, Jamaica, Egypt, and many more countries.
    • BEN BAILEY HAD TO PASS A DRIVING TEST. Before Ben Bailey was the host of Cash Cab, he was a stand-up comedian who drove limos to pay the bills. That side gig turned out to be useful when he auditioned for the show.
    • BAILEY HAS SECRET HELPERS. Cash Cab can’t run on one man or one vehicle alone; Bailey has a crew close by at all times. Esquire reported that a black van housing the audio and video team trails behind the car.
  3. Cash Cab | Bravo TV Official Site › cash-cab

    Bravo is reviving the Emmy Award-winning gameshow “Cash Cab” and bringing back host and comedian Ben Bailey. New Yorkers and tourists alike have pined for a chance to test their knowledge and ...

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  5. What It's Like to Be on Cash Cab | The Daily Dish › what-its-like-to-be-on-cash-cab

    Oct 11, 2019 · Every New Yorker dreams of opening the door to a yellow taxi cab and suddenly being greeted by multicolor lights, cheery sound effects, and Ben Bailey saying, "You guys are in the Cash Cab!". Well ...

    • Laura Rosenfeld
  6. This is What Happens When Ben Bailey Gets Pulled Over While ... › ben-bailey-interview-cash-cab-bravo

    Oct 07, 2019 · This is What Happens When Ben Bailey Gets Pulled Over While Driving The ‘Cash Cab’. Just as the Cash Cab is about to pull out of its parking spot on the east side of Second Avenue on the Upper ...

    • Lea Palmieri
  7. What are the chances of catching the 'Cash Cab' while hailing ... › What-are-the-chances-of-catching

    My wife was on Cash Cab in 2005. Like Justin Singer said, she and 2 friends were approached at a bar with a trivia game that night. A producer approached them and said they were making a documentary about the places people love in NYC.

  8. Reasons Why Cash Cab Is Totally Fake - Grunge › 29695 › reasons-cash-cab-totally-fake

    Nov 02, 2016 · Contrary to what you see on TV, none of the riders actually get cash from the cab. The money you see them "win" at the end is faker than Monopoly money — only after the show, if they keep their promise to not reveal the truth about the show, they'll receive a check.

    • Vicki Veritas
  9. What happens if you don't want to be on cash cab, › 206723 › what-happens-if-you-dont

    Mar 11, 2018 · I’m pretty sure that if someone says they don’t want to play, they don’t drive them wherever in the Cash Cab… but I would also expect that they probably have some regular cabs available to give those people a ride somewhere, so they don’t generate people annoyed at them.

  10. 'Cash Cab' guy Ben Bailey tells us if his TV game show is real › story › entertainment

    Feb 19, 2018 · "Cash Cab" has been a pretty sweet ride for Ben Bailey. A comedian and actor, Bailey shot to fame hosting the Discovery Channel game show, in which he drives a taxi around New York City while ...

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