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  1. Sep 4, 2022 · Pothan (Tamil origin) is a famous Sangam poet and this is one of the rarest Hindu names you can find for your baby boy. Rehaan (Arabic origin), meaning 'star' or 'a king', is another unique and beautiful name for your boy. Tanvit (Kannada origin), meaning 'courage' or 'king', has paved the way for an extravagant ancient boy name.

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    Tamil names have a unique culture and history behind them. Tamil names have a different name structurethan most Western naming customs. The concept of a first name and last name is very Western and doesn't alight with how names are given in Tamil Nadu. Historically, the way a Tamil person is identified is through their lineage or their association ...

    Aahna - Aahna is a modern Tamil baby name that means "exist". Aahna is a good name to choose if your family has a philosophical bent.
    Aamaal - This is a modern baby name that means "she hopes".
    Aamani-This beautiful name means "Spring". Aamani also means "good wish".
    Adya - Adya means "first" or without equal. Adya would make an excellent name for a cherished first-born daughter.
    Advait - This unique Tamil baby name actually means "unique.
    Arnish -The name of a god: the lord of the sea.
    Arnish– what a melodious and beautiful name! Arnish means "lord of the sea".
    Arnoh - An innocent name that means "unblemished".
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  3. Abilasha means ‘wish or desire’. 7. Adya. If you believe in keeping things simple, this name will appeal to you. Adya is a short and simple name. But it has a strong meaning – ‘first or unparalleled’. 8. Anasuya. Some names have the good old charm, and Anasuya is one of them.

  4. Tamil Names For Christian Baby Boy. The birth of the baby is celebrated in a grand manner in Tamilian customs. Two different names known as Vivahara and Ragasiya are given to the baby, the former name known to all, the latter only known to the family. The latter is kept protecting the child against all negativities.

  5. Tamil baby names carry rich cultural and traditional values and often have beautiful meanings. Here is a list of popular Tamil baby names along with their meanings, showcasing the diversity and depth of Tamil culture. Boys Names: Aravind: Refers to the beautiful ‘Lotus’ flower and also a name of Lord Vishnu.

  6. Apr 9, 2023 · A unique name for your baby! Advait. அத்வைத். Arnish is a trendy and modern Tamil baby name for boys. It means “lord of the sea.”. Arnish. அர்னிஷ். The name Ajai is quite popular in practically all groups. The name is common in Tamil culture and signifies “invincible.”.

  7. 13. Varun – This Tamil name means “ocean” or “sea.”. It originates from the Sanskrit word “varuna,” which refers to the god of the ocean in Hindu mythology. 14. Yuvan – A trendy Tamil name meaning “young” or “youthful.”. It has its roots in Sanskrit and signifies energy, vitality, and enthusiasm. 15.

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