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      • The Denmark–Germany border (Danish: Grænsen mellem Danmark og Tyskland ; German: Grenze zwischen Dänemark und Deutschland) is 68 kilometres (42 mi) long and separates Denmark and Germany.–Germany_border
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  2. Denmark–Germany border - Wikipedia › wiki › Denmark–Germany_border

    The border between the Danish fief of Schleswig and the German fief of Holstein still ran along the Eider, the boundary between the duchies and the Kingdom of Denmark ran along the Kongeåen and the southern boundary of the Danish monarchy (≈Helstaten) ran along the Elbe.

  3. Denmark tightens border to Germany following coronavirus ... › 20210219 › denmark-tightens-border

    Feb 19, 2021 · Denmark announced Friday the closure of a number of border crossings from Germany and tightened security at others following a cluster outbreak in a German town close to the border.

  4. Borders of Denmark - Wikipedia › wiki › Borders_of_Denmark

    The only land border of Denmark (proper) is that with Germany, with a length of 68 km (42 mi). The border along the territorial waters (12 nmi (22 km; 14 mi) zone) with Sweden runs along the Øresund for a length of about 115 km (71 mi).

  5. Denmark restricts its border with Germany | News | DW | 19.02 ... › en › denmark-restricts-its-border-with

    Border closures have crept back in, this time in northern Germany, amid concerns over new COVID-19 variants. Denmark said it was responding to a cluster in Flensburg near the border.

  6. Denmark–Germany relations - Wikipedia › wiki › Denmark–Germany_relations
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    Denmark–Germany relations are the foreign relations between Denmark and Germany. Denmark has an embassy in Berlin and three general consulates in Flensburg, Hamburg and Munich. Both countries are full members of NATO and of the European Union. The border between the countries, which lies in the Schleswig region, has changed several times through history, the present border was determined by referendums in 1920. The Danish-German border area has been named as a positive example for other...

    The Second Schleswig War was the second military conflict as a result of the Schleswig-Holstein Question. It began on 1 February 1864, when Prussian forces crossed the border into Schleswig. Denmark fought Prussia and Austria. Like the First Schleswig War, it was fought for contr

    Denmark, despite having remained neutral all throughout World War I, still ended up involved in the negotiations following the defeat of Germany, due to US President Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points listing the different people of Europe's right to self-determination amongst its

    Operation Weserübung was the code name for Germany's assault on Denmark and Norway during the Second World War and the opening operation of the Norwegian Campaign. The name comes from the German for Operation Weser-Exercise, the Weser being a German river. In the early ...

    Both Germany and Denmark are members of the European Union and NATO. Denmark has an embassy in Berlin, as well as a consulate general in Flensburg and one in Hamburg. Germany maintains an embassy in Copenhagen as well as a network of honorary consulates around Denmark. Additionally, the Danish Ministry of Education cooperated with the Bundes state of Baden-Württemberg's ministry of education, Kultusministerium, to develop and carry out an exchange programme between gymnasium students in ...

  7. Germany opens borders to Danish residents early - The Local › 20200612 › germany-opens-borders

    Jun 12, 2020 · Germany has opened its border to travellers from Denmark, four days ahead of the planned lifting of border controls on Tuesday. “The pandemic entry restrictions have been lifted. Without them, of course, there is no need to prove a valid reason for entry,” Torsten Tamm, a press spokesperson for the police in Germany's Schleswig-Holstein ...

  8. Will the Danish border to Germany be the last thing that ... › will-the-danish-border-to

    Danish ferries from Puttgarden to Rødby have sailed empty of passenger traffic during the closure of the Danish/German border. Picture: Bente D. Knudsen As Germany may allow passage from Denmark to Germany from 15 May, it is still uncertain when Denmark will open for passage the other way.

  9. Coronavirus/COVID-19 - Udenrigsministeriet › en › travel-and-residence

    From 5:00 p.m. on 9 January 2021 as the point of departure until and including 20 April 2021, Denmark has instituted a flight ban on the transport of passengers, including Danish citizens, who are unable to present a negative COVID-19 test taken within 24 hours before departure.

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