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    Mainz Cathedral or St. Martin's Cathedral (German: Mainzer Dom, Martinsdom or, officially, Der Hohe Dom zu Mainz) is located near the historical center and pedestrianized market square of the city of Mainz, Germany. This 1000-year-old Roman Catholic cathedral is the site of the episcopal see of the Bishop of Mainz.

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    May 23, 2021 · The majestic Cathedral of Mainz is a key feature of the cityscape even today – over a thousand years after its construction. Mainz, located at the intersection of important trade routes and the place where Saint Boniface worked and lived, became an important centre of Christianity from 746/47.

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    Mainz Cathedral. The cathedral, founded by Archbishop Willigis in 975, is the oldest monumental vaulted building in Germany after the Speyerer and before the Worms. Within the cathedral, some memorabilia, such as old tombs or altars, have accumulated over time. Unique is the underground Nassauer chapel.

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  5. Mainz Cathedral - Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge core › info › Mainz_Cathedral
    • Construction of The Romanesque Cathedral
    • Post-Romanesque Building and Renovation
    • Emperors and The Cathedral
    • Burials
    • Resources

    St. John's Church, then St. Salvator, consecrated in 911 by Archbishop Hatto I, served as the cathedral for the Bishop of Mainz until the appointment of Willigisas Archbishop of Mainz in 975.

    Already at the time of renovations on the western segment of the cathedral, new architectural styles were being ushered in. This included Gothic additions and, later, Baroquepieces as well.

    When Mainz was an archbishopric, the cathedral was the official seat of the archdiocese. It was from this cathedral that Frederick Barbarossa, the Holy Roman Emperor of the time, officially announced his support for the Third Crusadeon 27 March 1188. During the Middle Ages, the right to crown German kings (and queens) was given to the Archbishop of Mainz. The crowning in Mainz awarded the monarch the kingdom of Germany, and a subsequent in Rome granted him the Holy Roman Empire (a nominal difference only). Because the cathedral was damaged several times, many crownings were not held there. The following monarchswere crowned in the Mainz Cathedral: 1. Agnes de Poitouin 1043 by Archbishop Bardo 2. Rudolf von Rheinfelden(also known as Rudolf of Swabia; oppositional king to Henry IV) on 26 March or 7 April 1077 by Siegfried I of Eppstein 3. Matilda (later wife of Henry V), on 25 July 1110 by the Frederick I, Archbishop of Cologne 4. Philip of Swabiaon 8 September 1198 by Bishop Aimo of...

    Wilhelm Jung: Mainz cathedral; Translation: Margaret Marks, Editor: Schnell und Steiner, Regensburg, 1994
    Ron Baxter: The tombs of the archbishops of Mainz, in Ute Engel and Alexandra Gajewski (eds), Mainz and the Middle Rhine Valley, (British Archaeological Assoc. Conference Transactions, 30, Leeds, B...
  6. MAINZ ROMANESQUE CATHEDRAL - › Germany_Mainz_Cathedral

    The Mainz cathedral, offically St. Martin's Cathedral or the Mainzer Dom is one of the great examples of Romanesque architecture in Germany, along with Worms ( see Worms Kaiser Cathedral) and Speyer (see Speyer Cathedral), it is one of the three so-called Kaiser Doms, the Emperor Cathedrals built in the middle-ages at the pinnacle of the German ...

  7. The architectural history of Mainz Cathedral | Britannica › video › 179844

    The cathedral was once the center of one of the largest archbishoprics in the world. The archbishops of Mainz enjoyed the privilege of crowning Germany's rulers. The innumerable ornate tombs are one of the many attractions of this cathedral. In the Middle Ages, the archbishops of Mainz were kingmakers and influential politicians.

  8. Mainz | Germany | Britannica › place › Mainz

    Martin’s Cathedral (also known as Mainz Cathedral), originally erected 975–1009, has been repeatedly rebuilt, acquiring accretions of many later styles in addition to its original Romanesque architecture. Henry II, Conrad II, and Frederick II were crowned there.

  9. The Top 8 Things to See and Do in Mainz, Germany › europe › germany

    Jan 27, 2018 · Mainz Cathedral. The imposing six-towered structure of Mainz Cathedral stands sentinel to centuries of history and soars over the city of Mainz.It is not only one of the most celebrated Romanesque religious architecture in Germany, but is also a hub of immense religious and political power.

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  10. Our Tips For Awesome Things To Do in Mainz, Germany › en › things-to-do-in-mainz

    Originally founded in the 10th century, the Mainz Cathedral is a stunning cathedral that sits proudly in the old town. Even for German standards, the building is gorgeous. Over the centuries, the structure has been added to – which is why you might notice a variety of different architectural styles represented.

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