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    • Top 10 Doors Songs

      • 'Hello, I Love You'
      • 'People Are Strange'
      • 'Touch Me'
      • 'Love Me Two Times'
      • 'When the Music's Over'
      • 'L.A. Woman'
      • 'Break on Through (To the Other Side)'
      • 'The End'
      • 'Light My Fire' 10 Doors Songs 1 'Hello, I Love,Side)' 8 'The End' 9 'Light My Fire'
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  2. The Doors Song list. Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar) (1967) Back Door Man (1967) Been Down So Long (1971) Blue Sunday (1970) Break On Through (To The Other Side) (1967) Cars Hiss By My Window (1971) End Of The Night (1967) Five To One (1968)

  3. The Doors' "The End" Lyrics Meaning - Song Meanings and Facts

    Jul 11, 2019 · It should be noted that The Doors’ “The End” was composed while the iconic Jim Morrison (1943-1971), who sings and co-wrote “The End”, was highly intoxicated . Thus it is a bit incoherent, as in being centered on a number of diverse topics, as well as utilizing terminology which we have to conclude was part of the writers’ personal lingo.

    • The Doors - L.A. Woman - HQ (official music video)
    • The Doors - Hello, I Love You
    • The Doors - Touch Me
  4. Touch Me (The Doors song) - Wikipedia

    "Touch Me" is a song by the Doors from their album The Soft Parade. Written by Robby Krieger, it is notable for its extensive usage of brass and string instruments, including a solo by featured saxophonist Curtis Amy. Ray Manzarek played harpsichord and organ on the song; he also interpolated the guitar riff from the 1967 Four Seasons song "C'mon Marianne" in his part. It was released as a single in December 1968 and reached No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 1 in the Cashbox Top 100 in earl

    • "Wild Child"
    • 14 November, 20–21 November 1968
    • 3:11
    • December 1968
  5. Name of the opera song played in the doors movie? - Answers

    The song used in the Doors movie is from Carl Orff's early twentieth-century chorale based on the texts of early Pagans. The section used in the movie is from the opening (or reprise) called "O...

  6. The Doors - List of Songs heard in Movies & TV Shows
    • People Are Strange. Home Before Dark • S1E1. 2 Apr 2020 0 YouTube spotify itunes amazon.
    • Five To One. Rambo: Last Blood. 19 Sep 2019 3 YouTube spotify itunes amazon.
    • The End. 0:54. Lilith carries Nick through the gates of Hell; Prudence decapitates the school statue, then she and Ambrose head off to hunt down Faustus; Hilda and Zelda discuss what to do with the remains of their coven; Sabrina and her friends talk about what to do next.
    • Soul Kitchen. 0:01. Vietnam, 1968 - Klaus parties with Dave. The Umbrella Academy • S1E6. 14 Feb 2019 1 YouTube spotify itunes amazon.
  7. Five To One by The Doors - Song Meanings at Songfacts

    "Five to one" was the approximate ratio of whites to blacks, young to old, and non-pot smokers to pot smokers in the US in 1967. It was also the amount of Vietnamese to American soldiers in Vietnam, although Jim Morrison said the lyrics were not political.

  8. The End by The Doors - Song Meanings at Songfacts

    The Doors developed this song during live performances at the Whisky a Go Go, a Los Angeles club where they were the house band in 1966. They had to play two sets a night, so they were forced to extend their songs in order to fill the sets.

  9. Touch Me by The Doors - Song Meanings at Songfacts

    Songfacts®: Doors guitarist Robby Krieger wrote this song as "Hit Me," based on fights he had with his girlfriend. They lyric was, "C'mon, hit me, I'm not afraid." In a rare show of restraint, Jim Morrison insisted on changing it to "Touch Me."