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      • The Jin–Song Wars were a series of conflicts between the Jurchen Jin dynasty (1115–1234) and Han Chinese Song dynasty (960–1279). In 1115, Jurchen tribes rebelled against their overlords, the Khitan Liao dynasty (907–1125), and declared the formation of the Jin.–Song_Wars#:~:text=The Jin–Song Wars were a series of conflicts,(907–1125), and declared the formation of the Jin.
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  2. Jin–Song Wars - Wikipedia

    The Jin dynasty collapsed that year. After the demise of Jin, the Song became a target of the Mongols, and collapsed in 1279. The wars engendered an era of swift technological, cultural, and demographic changes in China. Battles between the Song and Jin brought about the introduction of various gunpowder weapons.

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    • Jurchens conquer northern China, Song court moves south to Lin'an, Southern Song dynasty period begins
  3. Timeline of the Jin–Song Wars - Wikipedia

    The Jin–Song Wars were a series of armed conflicts conducted by the Jurchen Jin dynasty and the Song dynasty in the 12th and 13th centuries. The Jurchens were a Tungusic–speaking tribal confederation native to Manchuria. They overthrew the Khitan Liao dynasty in 1122 and declared the establishment of a new dynasty, the Jin. Diplomatic relations between the Jin and Song deteriorated, and the Jurchens first declared war on the Song dynasty in November 1125. Two armies were dispatched ...

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  4. Oh God, Not the Peloponnesian War Again - Foreign Policy

    Jul 28, 2020 · The Jin-Song Conflict (1125-1234) “Like the United States, the Song Empire believed itself to be the natural master of the world order, dealing with subject states and peripheral challengers.

  5. What was the most important battle between the Jin and Song ...

    The Jurchen Jin were an unstoppable force, sweeping through the Central Plains and taking the Song capital Bianjing, capturing the emperors Huizong and Qinzong. The poor sods. Well, I guess 3rd time’s the char...

  6. Who began the wars between the Jin and Song Empires? (Based ...

    Download Citation | Who began the wars between the Jin and Song Empires? (Based on materials used in Jurchen studies in Russia) | The Jurchen (on Chinese reading-Ruchen, Russian -, Korean ...

  7. Mongol conquest of Jin China - Wikipedia

    The Mongol conquest of the Jin dynasty, also known as the Mongol–Jin War, was fought between the Mongol Empire and the Jurchen -led Jin dynasty in Manchuria and north China. The war, which started in 1211, lasted over 23 years and ended with the complete conquest of the Jin dynasty by the Mongols in 1234.

  8. Mongol conquest of Song China - Wikipedia

    The Mongol conquest of Song China beginning under Ögedei Khan (r. 1229 – 1241) and completing under Kublai Khan (r. 1260–1294) was the final step for the Mongols to rule the whole of East Asia under the Yuan dynasty (which is a division of the Mongol Empire). It is considered the Mongol Empire 's last great military achievement.

  9. The Song Dynasty (960–1279): China History and Culture

    They forced the Northern Song Dynasty to give some tribute in 1005. The Northern Song Dynasty sought to defeat the Liao. They allied themselves with the Jurchens (or Jin) and started a war that ended in their disaster in the year 1125. The combined armies of the Jurchens and the Song defeated the Liao Empire.

  10. List of Chinese wars and battles - Wikipedia

    The Jurchen Jin Dynasty decisively defeats the Song Dynasty, fall of Northern Song. 1129–1141: Song-Jin Wars: Wars between the Song and Jin dynasties. 1130: Battle of Fuping: Jin forces defeats Song forces. 1140: Battle of Yancheng: Song forces under Yue Fei, defeat Jin forces. 1161: Battle of Tangdao: Song forces defeat Jin forces. 1161 ...