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    In 1982, the United States Border Patrol set up a roadblock and inspection point on U.S. Route 1, which runs north from Key West over a series of causeways and serves as the Keys' only land link with the mainland. Vehicles were stopped and searched for narcotics and illegal immigrants. The Key West City Council complained repeatedly about the inconvenience for travellers to and from Key West, claiming that it hurt the Keys' important tourism industry. In fact, Eastern Air Lines, which had a hub at Miami International Airport, saw a window of opportunity when the roadblocks were established; Eastern became the only airline to establish jet service to KWIA, counting on travellers from Key West to Miami preferring to fly rather than to wait for police to search their vehicles. When the City Council's complaints went unanswered by the Federal Government and attempts to get an injunction against the roadblock failed in court, as a form of protest Mayor Dennis Wardlow and the Council decl...

    The Flag of the Conch Republic consists of a conch shell in a sunburst on a field of blue, emblazoned with ten stars, the words "Conch Republic" and "We Seceded Where Others Failed" (the latter is a registered trademark) and the date 1982. The flag is commonly seen throughout the city.

    The Conch Republic has opened two consulates, one in France and the other in Finland. The Conch Republic government sells passports on its website, offering citizenship to all comers regardless of residency, as well as (more expensive) passports for diplomats. These are not considered valid travel documents by the United Statesor any foreign nation; the Conch Republic itself admits they are sold as souvenirs only. That said, some people buy them in the mistaken belief that they can be used as valid travel documents.

    The Conch Republic is a key location in several volumes of the Dallas Barr series of Science Fiction comics, in which it gains true independence in 2075.
    Key West, a short-lived comedy-drama series on FOX that aired in 1992, had an episode depicting a fictionalized version of the incident. (IMDB entry)
    The video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice Cityrefers to the incident through a character on public radio calling for Florida to secede from the union.
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    Mar 25, 2020 · The Conch Republic . The Conch Republic . 38 years later, April 23rd, 2020 Happy Independence Day! Raising the Flag. #keywestlegalrum

  3. conch republic independence celebration . we have an amazing line up of events for the 2021 conch republic independence celebration- please stay tuned as we upload all the event details and bring our ticketing system online this week.

  4. April 23 was declared Conch Republic Independence Day and became an annual celebration in Key West. The Conch Republic began issuing novelty passports and visas, referred to the upper Keys as the Northern Territories and adopted the official motto: We seceded where others failed. Photo courtesy of Flickr, Florida Keys Public Libraries.

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    The Conch Republic’s last stunt happened in 2006, when Conch Republic annexed the Seven-Mile Bridge. I’ll let Wikipedia explain: In yet another protest on January 13, 2006, Peter Anderson (the defendant in the Dry Tortugas case from 1995–1996) purported to annex the abandoned span of Seven Mile Bridge , which had been replaced by a ...

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    In the Bahamas, to Conch or Not to Conch? It’s a famously overexploited, not quite endangered, species. But when conch is on every menu in town, there’s got to be a ton of ’em, right? A look at that beloved Caribbean mollusk, the queen conch—and how to help protect… Read more

  7. Unfortunately, overfishing has pushed conch into a luxury item status in most parts of the world. Here in the Turks & Caicos, where eating “cracked” conch every day is an option, it may be surprising to learn that conch is now CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) listed as an endangered species.

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    when the USA began importing frozen conch to supply newly settled Caribbean immigrants accustomed to this traditional food (Brownwell and Stevely, 1981). Processing peaked in the late 1970s as processors reached capacity at 20,000 conch·day. −1 (Brownwell and Stevely, 1981). Conch meat is removed from the shells at sea and then frozen for ...

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    Nov 14, 2020 · The conch fishing season runs from November or December to May or sometimes June, Eskridge said. An average day’s work will yield 1,500 to 2,000 pounds of conch in the shell, but a “hot spot” once yielded 7,200 pounds of conch in one day. In 2014, the hot spot provided 90% of Eskridge’s conch catch for the winter.

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