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    Who is the little girl in Zoo Lane?

    Who is the creator of 64 Zoo Lane?

    Who are the main characters in the CBeebies series?

    Who are the characters in the Let's Go club?

  2. Category:American English version by Lobster Films Characters ... › wiki › Category:American

    64 Zoo Lane; Lucy; Reginald the Lion; Fuzzy the Jungle Spider; Boris the Bear; Adam the Armadillo; William the Weaver Bird

  3. Molly (64 Zoo Lane) | The Parody Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Molly_(64_Zoo_Lane)

    Molly (64 Zoo Lane) Molly the Hippo is a blue hippo who lives in Africa. She has a cousin named Henrietta and a nephew named Eddie.

  4. 64 Zoo Lane | Scratchpad | Fandom › wiki › 64_Zoo_Lane

    64 Zoo Lane/Rio 3 (2017) 64 Zoo Lane/The Kidsongs Television Show. 64 Zoo Lane/The Wind in the Willows. 64 Zoo Lane/The Pink Panther. 64 Zoo Lane/Wee Sing. 64 Zoo Lane/Labyrinth (1986) 64 Zoo Lane/Tower of Terror (1997) 64 Zoo Lane/The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald. 64 Zoo Lane/Back at the Barnyard.

  5. Fuzzy (64 Zoo Lane) | The Disney Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Fuzzy_(64_Zoo_Lane)

    Fuzzy (64 Zoo Lane) Birds (The Old Mill) Rats (Watership Down) Pink Fishes (Aladdin) Vultures (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) Mr. Bull

  6. 64 zoo lane: angelina ballerina: art attack: arthur: the backyardigans: balamory: barney & friends: berenstain bears: bing & bong: bob the builder: caillou: charlie & lola: curious george: go, diego, go: dinosaur train: dora the explorer: doodlebops: dragon tales: ebb & flo: elmo's world: fifi & the flowertots: fireman sam: franklin: franny's feet: jakers! kipper the dog: lazytown

  7. » 64 ZOO LANE Gifts & Products (DVD, videos ... › stores › 64-zoo-lane

    64 Zoo Lane. Lucy is a little girl who lives next door to a plethora of animals at 64 Zoo Lane. These loquacious neighbors have humps, tails, even trunks! Every night, she climbs out of her bedroom window and slides down the long neck of Georgina the Giraffe to listen to an informative bedtime story from one of the animals.

  8. 64 zoo lane: angelina ballerina: art attack: arthur: the backyardigans: balamory: barney & friends: berenstain bears: bing & bong: bob the builder: caillou: charlie & lola: curious george: go, diego, go: dora the explorer: dragon tales: ebb & flo: elmo's world: fifi & the flowertots: fireman sam: franklin: franny's feet: jakers! kipper the dog: lazytown: maurice sendak's little bear: little bill

  9. CBeebies | Character Wiki | Fandom › wiki › CBeebies
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    the CBeebies channel was launched with CBBC, on 11 February 2002. The domestic CBeebies channel broadcasts from 6am to 7pm each day - a result of the channel sharing bandwidth with the channel BBC Four on the Freeview platform. The station was joined later on by an audio counterpart, CBeebies Radio, which broadcast for three hours each day on the radio station BBC Radio 7, however since the station was rebranded as BBC Radio 4 Extra this obligation has ceased. Later on they launched a weekly publication 'CBeebies Weekly'. Since 27 March 2013, CBeebies has been carried by the British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS), sharing a channel with BFBS Extra. The international CBeebies channel is advert-free and wholly owned by BBC Worldwide. The first international launch for the CBeebies channel was in India in May 2007, although the channel was withdrawn at the end of November 2012 due to "commercial considerations". The channel is available in the Republic of Ireland, Singapore, Hong K...

    In the UK, CBeebies is operated by the BBC Children's division and part of BBC North. The division is also responsible for CBBC and overall strategic responsibility for all of the BBC's domestic services for children rests with the Director of Children's, Joe Godwin (since late 2009). The direction of the domestic CBeebies channel itself rests with Kay Benbow, the current Controller of the channel and responsible for commissioning all CBeebies content across BBC television, online, interactive TV, and radio. She took over from the first controller Michael Carrington in 2010. Internationally, CBeebies is owned by BBC Worldwide, who operate the brand.

    Little Kids offers a mix of mostly UK-produced entertainment and educational output designed to encourage learning through play. These goals are realised through a range of programmes about simple science, natural history, music and movement, storytelling, make up and make do, puzzle programmes and animation. The channel's schedule is deliberately the same every weekday, with a different schedule at weekends, so that children can know what is on instinctively. The schedule also includes signed programmes, shown in the UK between 14:00 and 17:00 on weekends. 1. 64 Zoo Lane 2. Albert the Fifth Musketeer 3. The Amazing Adventures of Morph 4. Andy Pandy 5. Angelmouse 6. Animal World 7. The Animals of Farthing Wood 8. The Artbox Bunch 9. Balamory 10. Bananaman 11. Barney 12. Bill and Ben 13. Binka 14. Bits and Bobs 15. Bitsa 16. The Brollys 17. Bob the Builder 18. Bod 19. Bodger and Badger 20. Brum 21. Camberwick Green 22. Caterpillar Trail 23. Charlie Chalk 24. ChuckleVision 25. Cliffor...

    The Ultimate Party Collection

    1. Yoho Ahoy: Chairs with Grog 2. Big Cook Little Cook: Postman 3. ZingZillas: Zingzilla Rock 'n' Rolling 4. Bobinogs: Happy Bobi-birthday 5. Roly Mo: Little Bo's Birthday 6. Higgledy House: Birthday 7. Angelmouse: Baby Ellie's Presents 8. Charlie and Lola: This is actually my Party 9. Oakie Doke and the Party 10. Tweenies: Fizz's Birthday 11. Balamory: The Lost Letter 12. Lunar Jim: Jim's Birthday Surprise 13. Andy Pandy: The Birthday Cake 14. The Koala Brothers: Penny's Birthday Surprise 15...

    The Ultimate Summer Collection

    1. Balamory: Beach Bonanza 2. In the Night Garden: Upsy Daisy Dances With the Pontipines 3. Fimbles: Seashell 4. Bob the Builder: Spud and the Dove 5. The Koala Brothers: Lolly's New Flavour 6. Tweenies: Summer 7. Andy Pandy's Musical Box 8. Oakie Doke and The Wishing Well 9. Boogie Beebies: Dancing on the Sand 10. Me Too!: The Juicer 11. Little Robots: Under the Stars 12. ZingZillas: Cinema Day 13. Octonauts and the Baby Dolphin 14. Higgledy House: Holiday 15. Roly Mo: Too Hot 16. Star Hill...

    The Ultimate Christmas Collection

    1. Pingu and the Snowball 2. LazyTown: Surprise Santa 3. Bob the Builder: Snowman Scoop 4. Zingzillas: Zingzillas Let It Snow Christmas 5. Numberjacks: Counting Days to Christmas 6. Boogie Beebies: I wish it would Snow 7. Anglemouse: The Missing Skates 8. Balamory: Panto 9. Fimbles: Tune 10. Lunar Jim: Too many Fluffies 11. Tikkabilla: Christmas special 12. Chloe's Closet: Icing Escapades 13. Starhill Ponies: All I Want for Christmas 14. Noddy and Father Christmas 15. Big Cook Little Cook: Fa...

    The links between programmes on CBeebies are primarily achieved through the use of in-vision continuity, using presenters to interact with the children. In the UK, links are pre-recorded rather than broadcast live, as is the case on sister channel CBBC. They were originally pre recorded from studio TC0 at BBC Television Centre in London, however moved out in 2008 to Teddington Studios, and returned briefly in 2010. From September 2011, the links have been based at the BBC's Northern base at MediaCityUK in Salford, Manchester, following the move of the BBC Children's department there. International variants feature broadcast links produced either in the corresponding country, or from a central base.

    CBeebies website

    The CBeebies website coincided with the launch of the UK channel in February 2002 and showcases a child friendly site with activities themed to all CBeebies programmes, past and present, with games, songs and print-outs featuring for nearly all shows. The UK version also features links to CBeebies iPlayer, a child friendly version of the BBC iPlayer featuring CBeebies programmes only, to CBeebies radio player and a dedicated micro site containing advice for raising children and toddlers calle...

    Here's One We Made Earlier

    The story of BBC Children's broadcasting: Bill & Ben, Muffin the Mule, Andy Pandy, Bagpuss, The Wombles, Postman Pat, Yoho Ahoy, Teletubbies, In the Night Garden, Strange Hill High, Play School, Crackerjack, Newsround, Dr Who, Blue Peter... our childhoods have been definedby the broadcasts we first encountered as children. This major exhibition explores the story of over 90 years of BBC Children's broadcasting, from 1922, when the BBC launched Children's Hour, right up to the present multi-me...

    Album releases

    6 Little Kids and CBeebeis -branded CDs have been released Little Kids: The Official Album A Unique Collection of all the Great Songs from BBC Children's Programs like Bob the Builder, Tweenies, Bill & Ben, Teletubbies, Shiny Show, Postman Pat, Fireman Sam, Balamory and many more! 1. Bob the Builder - "Mambo No 5" 2. Teletubbies - "Say Eh Oh!" 3. Tweenies - "Hey are you Ready to Play" 4. The Story Makers - "Theme Tune" 5. Postman Pat - "Theme Song" 6. Binka - "Theme Tune" 7. Brum - "Brum Brum...

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