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    Oct 31, 2011 · The Danes did not exactly welcome her with open arms. They made up folk songs about her and blamed her for the high taxes, which seems awkward. She had probably not much to do with Valdemar's decisions about taxation, except that she might have been blamed for the costy wedding and her possible luxurious habits around clothes and jewels.

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    Oct 30, 2009 · Eleonora of Portugal, Berengaria's niece, was a daughter of Berengaria's brother, king Alfonso II el Pancudo and Urraca of Castile, she was married in 1231 to Valdemar the Young, Valdemar's son with his first queen, Dagmar of Bohemia. Eleonora was born in 1211 and died in childbirth August 28th 1231, her child died the same year.

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    Jul 01, 2014 · Berengaria did not conceive a child during the early days of her marriage on the crusade. Also shortly after the marriage, Richard was captured by Germans and held for ransom. Even after Richard was released, he remained separated from his wife, for the most part.

  4. 22 A Child's History of England the Northmen, the Danes, the Norwegians, or the SeaKings, as they were called, and beat them for the time. And, in nine years, Edred died, and passed away. Then came the boyking EDWY, fifteen years of; but the real king, who had the real power, was a monk named DUNSTANa clever priest, a little mad, and not a ...

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    Edward was able to work with his sister Æthelflæd, The Lady of the Mercians to secure territory from the Danes. Howel the Good of Wales eventually accepted Edward’s overlordship as did the Kings of the Scots and Strathclyde when they met Edward at Bakewell in 920. Edward died in 924 following a Mercian uprising.

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    A discussion about Richard I's involvement in the Third Crusade and the legitamacy of modern day claims of his character.

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    When Sweyn and the Danish army did not show up, Harald sent home a large part of his army, only keeping the more professional warriors in his fleet. When Sweyn finally came to meet Harald, his fleet numbered 300 ships to Haralds 150. The fleets met at night and the battle lasted until morning, when the danes started fleeing.

  8. Encompassing murder, civil war, adultery, usurpation, and madness, here is the essential guide to Britain's Kings and Queens, written with a lively wit and packed with useful facts and information The tales of the various monarchs of Britain are some of the most interesting in the country’s vast history.

  9. May 01, 2019 · I found out about this book through Last Podcast on the Left, which did a phenomenal three-part episode series on the Donner Party and used this book I was so fascinated and intrigued by this story, which I'd only ever heard about in vague details, that I decided to read the book for myself.

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    William did not do so well in his life; Bernard, as well, did not have a stellar career. Even Bernard's nickname refers to appearance rather than actions. We don't know when he first earned the nickname Plantapilosa, which comes from Old Aquitainian and means "Hairy appearance," but it stuck.

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