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    The Biography WikiProject concerns the creation, development, and organization of Wikipedia's articles about persons (including but not limited to biographies).

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    This page has been developed by the Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography to be a list of the most important biographies in WP as a way to have a work list of articles to improve. Any such list will be subjective and unlikely to find universal agreement. Currently, this is being used as a worklist for the Version 1.0 Editorial Team.

    Date of birth
    Date of death
    c. 525 BC
    c. 456 BC
    October 24, 1542
    October 12, 1605
    July 20, 356 BC
    June 10, 323 BC
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    Abebenjoe (talk · contribs) – Mainly interested creating and adding information to biography articles associated with Canadian politicians or trade unionists in the Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography/Politics and government. I fact check dates/historical timelines in these types of biographies.

  4. Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography/Military - Wikipedia › wiki › Wikipedia:WikiProject

    Scope. This group covers all biographies of military personnel. Note that merely having served in a military—particularly in a nation with universal military service—may not necessarily make someone a military person; see the Military history WikiProject's description of scope for more details.

  5. Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography/Science and academia › wiki › Wikipedia:WikiProject

    The Science and Academia Work Group is a working group of members of the Biography WikiProject dedicated to ensuring quality and coverage of biography articles. Since biographies are potentially under the purview of almost all WikiProjects, it is important that we work in tandem with these projects.

  6. Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography/Assessment - Wikipedia › wiki › Wikipedia:BIOG

    These quality and priority rating systems were established by the Wikipedia 1.0 Editorial Team, and are customised by WikiProject organisers. An article's rating is set in the class parameter of the {{ WikiProject Biography }} project banner on the article's talk page.

  7. Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography/Politics and government ... › wiki › Wikipedia:WikiProject

    Politics and Government Work Group The Politics and Government Work Group is a working group of members of the Biography WikiProject dedicated to ensuring quality and coverage of biography articles.

  8. Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography/Sports and games › wiki › Wikipedia:WikiProject

    {{Wikipedia:WikiProject_Biography/Sports and games/Announcements}} Directions for expanding any division below [ edit ] The general outline and collection has been started, but if you would like to expand and organize your country/region, here's what you do.

  9. Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography/Peer review - Wikipedia › wiki › Wikipedia:WikiProject

    < Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography This WikiProject Biography page is an archive, log collection, or currently inactive page; it is kept primarily for historical interest. If you want to revive discussion regarding the subject, you may try using the main project discussion page .

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    Wikipedia:WikiProject Actors and Filmmakers/Unreferenced BLPs: 337 6: Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography/Sports and games/Unreferenced BLPs: 306 7: Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography/Science and academia/Unreferenced BLPs: 278 8: Wikipedia:WikiProject Journalism/Unreferenced BLPs: 256 9: Wikipedia:WikiProject India/DashBot Unreferenced BLPs: 196 10

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