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    This user is a member of the WikiProject Television Episode coverage task force. Technically speaking, anyone who edits / contributes to TV and episode articles is a participant, and there are no requirements other than that. If one wishes they can further identify themselves with the task force by adding { { User TV Eps }} to their user page.

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    01 Dec 2013 – Three's a Crowd (Joe 90) PRODed by Jerry Pepsi was redirected to List of Joe 90 episodes. 01 Dec 2013 – The Race (Joe 90) PRODed by Jerry Pepsi was redirected to List of Joe 90 episodes. 01 Dec 2013 – Child of the Sun God PRODed by Jerry Pepsi was redirected to List of Joe 90 episodes.

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    For more information on WikiProjects, please see Wikipedia:WikiProjects and Wikipedia:WikiProject Council/Guide. Scope Edit Our project is designed to help collaborate a group effort in improving all articles related to the television show House (characters, cast, crew, episodes, seasons etc.).

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    Scope. This Wikiproject aims to create profiles for all major facets, characters, races and technologies in the Stargate universe, and create a consistent look for each kind of page. Most new topics can be incorporated into existing articles; we do not need fancruft or pages on minor things, such as Ida Galaxy.

  5. Article title. In keeping with Wikipedia:Naming conventions, an article featuring a list of episodes should be named: . List of Example Television Show episodes.If the main article is Name of TV Show (TV show), it may not be necessary to include (TV show), unless the alternative show articles also have their own episode lists.

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    This is WikiProject Television, a collaboration area for Wikipedians interested in improving coverage of Television. New participants are welcome; please feel free to participate!

  7. Anuncios relacionados con: Wikipedia:WikiProject Television/Episode coverage wikipedia. Liability Car Coverage - Search Liability Car Coverage

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    Consider looking for related projects for help or ask at the Teahouse. If you are not currently a project participant and wish to help you may still participate in the project or its parent project WikiProject Television.

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    Wikipedia:Television episodes; Wikipedia:Naming conventions (television) Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Television; Wikipedia:Manual of Style (writing about fiction) Wikipedia:Notability (media) Wikipedia:Notability (fiction) Wikipedia:WikiProject Television Stations for advice on articles about television networks, channels, production houses etc.

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    WikiProject Popular pages lists. Unfortunately this tool is no longer maintained. If you'd like to adopt it, please let us know. Select options for the list.

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