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    • 1. a stud on the center of a shield.
    • 2. a large mass of igneous rock protruding through other strata.
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  3. Urban Dictionary: Boss

    A person who knows what he or she wants, knows how to get what he wants, and gets it when he wants. He or she lives by his or her own code and does not care about what others think. A boss has his or her own personality, and does not follow the norm, just because it is the norm. A boss does not settle for less than he or she is worthy of.

  4. Boss - a person who exercises control over workers; if you want to leave early you have to ask the foreman

  5. BOSS - Definition by AcronymFinder

    BOSS: Business Oriented Software System: BOSS: Brotherhood of Superstars (Julius West Middle Scholol) BOSS: British Office Stationery Supplies Federation: BOSS: Boat Outfit and System Support: BOSS: Board Of Secondary Schooling: BOSS: Boat Outfit & Supply Support: BOSS: Battlefield Operations System Simulation: BOSS: Bronx Organization of ...

  6. like a boss -

    The word boss, borrowed from the Dutch, has been with American English language since the mid-1600s. Boss has long meant, and continues to mean, a “person in charge,” especially used, of course, in professional contexts. Boss has also long been a slang term for “excellent,” with evidence reaching back to the 1880s.

  7. What Traits Define a Bad Boss? -
    • Abrasive communication style. Your boss might be missing the key management skills if he or she cannot communicate a concern or a problem without yelling.
    • Poor planning skills. The saying goes that poor planning in one area often creates an emergency in another. Some bosses do not bother to anticipate concerns that you may have down the road, while others ignore planning altogether.
    • Expects you to be a mind reader. It would be great if we all had extrasensory perception. We’d be able to anticipate our boss’ every need before it was expressed — which would certainly cut down on meetings!
    • Lack of decision-making abilities. If you’ve ever had to work for a boss who can’t make clear decisions, you’ll know that it feels like being in a boat without a rudder.
  8. Urban Dictionary: final boss boss

    The last boss of any video game. One of the most if not the most climactic fight in the game. Usually the most difficult as well, but in some games this is not necessarily the case.

  9. Urban Dictionary: Lady boss boss

    Mar 13, 2017 · A dumb term that women give themselves without realizing it actually lowers them to second place in a boss category. You're either a boss or not. Jessica is assistant to the assistant manager but tells all her friends she is a lady boss. In actuality she isn't the boss of anyone but rambles on twitter that she is. Sad.

  10. How to define a 'bad' boss - Quora

    It's so easy to be a bad boss... and the list of things that make a "Bad boss" is really, really long. Here are my top ten "Bad Boss"; characteristics.

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