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  1. o·ver·se·er



    • 1. a person who supervises others, especially workers.
  2. Urban Dictionary: Overseer

    Overseer One who supervises and watches slaves in the work place.

  3. Definition of overseer -

    "And their bailiff, a serf, or some overseer from the German natives, gets the peasant under his thumb again. " " The method of the overseer is short and simple: apart from considerations of morality, conscience, and divine retribution, it seemed a short road to the accomplishment of his purpose.

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  5. overseer - definition and meaning

    from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition. noun One who watches over and directs the work of others, especially laborers. noun A supervisor or superintendent. from The Century Dictionary.

  6. Define OVERSEER | Definition for word OVERSEER Vine's Greek ...

    See OVERSEER. Note: Presbuteros, "an elder," is another term for the same person as bishop or overseer. See Acts 20:17 with verse Acts 20:28. The term "elder" indicates the mature spiritual experience and understanding of those so described; the term "bishop," or "overseer," indicates the character of the work undertaken.

  7. Overseer English to Spanish Translation

    Translate overseer into Spanish. Find words for overseer in Spanish in this Spanish-English dictionary. Traducir overseer de Inglés a español.

  8. overseer's - definition and meaning's

    It doesn't matter that the old overseer's boys, Pernie and LaRue Boyd are a jealous pain in his behind. The WritingYA Weblog: Adventure Awaits. It doesn't matter that the old overseer's boys, Pernie and LaRue Boyd are a jealous pain in his behind. Archive 2008-11-01. That's how we keep the overseer's from enslaving us. At the Media Center


    Overseer Define the organization’s risk management strategy with respect to the selection of security controls Promote the use of common controls to more effectively use organizational resources CIO Leader Establish expectations for the security control selection and ongoing monitoring processes to provide a more

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