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  2. Oct 31, 2007 · Urban Dictionary: phantom phantom to disappear without notice from a party; to go 'phantom' Also can be used as a nickname for people who commonly do this hey where'd mike go? dunno, must have gone phantom by Andy-roo October 31, 2007 Get the phantom mug. phantom Famed model of Rolls-Royce taken through many stages of excellence since the twenties.

  3. A phantom is a shit that mystically appears in the vicinity of another person with no explanation as to who or how it was laid. Example 1. While camping Rodney is woken by the sounds of birds chirping. He alights from his sleeping bag and unzips the tent fly.

  4. 1. Short nickname used by theatre-lovers for Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber's the Phantom of the Opera. 2. The lead title role in the Phantom of the opera. His real name is Erik. 1. I just saw Phantom in NYC 2. The Phantom of the opera is there... inside my mind. See phantom, erik 5. When someone leaves an anonymous shit in a public/common toilet.

  5. Nov 25, 2018 · Phantom Testicle Slang for Spirit testicle; A handy companion to ask questions about the unfathomable whom also happens to whisper compliments and sage advice in times of need. Even though I lost my testicle, I gained the insight and friendship of what some would wrongly call a phantom testicle. Which is stupid. There's no such thing as phantoms.

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