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    • 1. a false, absurd, or distorted representation of something: "the absurdly lenient sentence is a travesty of justice"


    • 1. represent in a false or distorted way: "Michael has betrayed the family by travestying them in his plays"

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  2. Sham definition, something that is not what it purports to be; a spurious imitation; fraud or hoax. See more.

  3. Traverse definition, to pass or move over, along, or through. See more.

  4. Travesti é uma identidade de gênero, feminina ou não binária, exclusivamente latino-americana. As travestis rejeitam a masculinidade que lhes foi designada no nascimento , podendo elas ser tanto intersexo quanto endossexo .

  5. Jan 27, 2022 · Best Practices for Opening a Technical Support Case Make the most of Technical Support’s Initial Response by observing the following guidelines: Know the version of Archer and the Secondary Product (if required). Clearly define your question or probl...

  6. Nov 28, 2019 · Comedy is any work that is intended to incite laughter and amusement, especially in theatre, television, film, stand-up comedy or any other entertainment medium. It dates back to the Ancient Greeks, originating from the comedy literary definition which refers to a medieval story or narrative involving an amusing character that triumphs over ...

  7. Jul 20, 2022 · By allowing ads to appear on this site, you support the local businesses who, in turn, support great journalism.

  8. Jul 21, 2022 · Although I am not a sports enthusiast, I believe that a sports complex in the area is not a bad idea, but the proposed complex location next to Steven Decatur High School is not likely the best location given the access/egress to the property. Not only is Flower Street inadequate to accommodate the ...

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