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  1. Mayu 20 - Wikipedia

    Ing Mayu 20 ya ing pang 140 a aldo ning banua keng Gregorian Calendariu.Atin pang 225 aldong makatagan king banua. Template:MayuCalendariu2020

  2. Mayu Watanabe - Wikipedia

    Mayu Watanabe (渡辺 麻友, Watanabe Mayu, born March 26, 1994) is a Japanese singer, actress, and former member of the Japanese idol girl group AKB48 under Team B. In the annual AKB48 General Elections event, she had consistently been voted by fans to rank among the group's top members.

  3. Stabbing of Mayu Tomita - Wikipedia

    On May 21, 2016, Mayu Tomita, a 20-year-old Japanese singer and actress, was stabbed in the neck and chest area multiple times by 27-year-old fan Tomohiro Iwazaki for returning gifts that he had sent her. Prior to the attack, he had sent her multiple death threats over social media.

    • May 21, 2016, c. 5:05 PM (JST)
  4. Mayu (シンガーソングライター) - Wikipediaシンガー...

    ONEMAN Mayu SHOW vol.1-この場所で逢えたら!- 渋谷CHELSEA HOTEL 2016年4月24日 TAIBAN Mayu SHOW vol.1: 渋谷CHELSEA HOTEL 2016年8月22日 番外!Mayu SHOW vol.1 「ZINE Release Party!!~チャンキーしぶや編~」 新宿SAMURAI 2016年9月20日 TAIBAN Mayu SHOW vol.2: 代官山LOOP 2017年1月22日〜2月12日

  5. 20 mayu - Güiquipeya

    El 20 mayu es el dia 140 del añu del calandáriu gregorianu i el 141º enos añus bisiestus. Quean 225 dias pa acabbal el añu.

  6. 20 de mayu - Wikipedia

    Fechos. 325 - Primer Conceyu de Nicea - primer Conceyu Ecuménicu de les Ilesies Cristianes.; 1588 - Zarpa dende Lisboa, col envís d'atacar Inglaterra y derrocar a la reina Sabela I, l'Armada Invencible.

  7. Mayu 19 - Wikipedia

    Ing Mayu 19 ya ing pang 139 a aldo ning banua keng Gregorian Calendariu. Atin pang 226 aldong makatagan king banua. ... Mayu 18 - Mayu 20 - Abril 19 - Juniu 19-- Tala ...

  8. Mayu (river) - Wikipedia

    The Mayu is a river in Rakhine State, Myanmar (Burma). The river and its surrounding region, known as the Mayu region or Mayu peninsula, is named after the nearby Mayu Mountain. It was formerly known as the Manlayuwaddy River.

  9. Juniu 20 - Wikipedia

    Ing Juniu 20 ya ing pang 171 a aldo ning banua keng Gregorian Calendariu. Atin pang 194 aldong makatagan king banua. ... Juniu 19 - Juniu 21 - Mayu 20 - Julio 20 ...

  10. Mayu Ikejiri – Wikipedia

    Mayu Ikejiri (池尻 茉由, Ikejiri Mayu?), född 19 december 1996 i Kumamoto prefektur, är en japansk fotbollsspelare som spelar för Suwon UDC WFC. Ikejiri spelade 3 landskamper för det japanska landslaget.