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    Spain (Spanish: España ), officially the Kingdom of Spain (Spanish: Reino de España), is a country in Southwestern Europe with some pockets of Spanish territory across the Strait of Gibraltar and the Atlantic Ocean. Its continental European territory is situated on the Iberian Peninsula.

  2. 2020 coronavirus pandemic in Spain - Wikipedia

    2020 coronavirus pandemic in Spain Number of confirmed cases per million inhabitants by autonomous community Number of confirmed cases by autonomous community (as of 26 March): Confirmed 1–99 Confirmed 100–499 Confirmed 500–999 Confirmed 1,000–4,999 Confirmed 5,000–9,999 Confirmed ≥10,000 Number of confirmed cases per million inhabitants by province (as of 26 March): No data ...

  3. Spain is a country in Southern Europe. It is in the Iberian Peninsula. Spain has borders with France, Portugal, Andorra and Morocco. In Spain's northeast side are the Pyrenees mountains. The people of Spain are called Spaniards. They speak Castilian or Spanish (in Spanish, "Castellano", from Castilla, or "Español" [es pa'ɲol]. They speak ...

  4. Tourism in Spain - Wikipedia

    Tourism in Spain is the third major contributor to national economic life after the industrial and the business/banking sectors, contributing about 10–11% of Spain's GDP.

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    Spain is the anerly European kintra tae hae a mairch wi an African kintra [lower-alpha 9] Wi an aurie o 505,990 km 2 (195,360 sq mi), Spain is the lairgest kintra in Soothren Europe, the seicont lairgest kintra in Wastren Europe an the European Union, an the fowert lairgest kintra in the European continent.

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    Valencia is Spain's third largest metropolitan area, with a population ranging from 1.7 to 2.5 million depending on how the metropolitan area is defined. The Port of Valencia is the 5th busiest container port in Europe and the busiest container port on the Mediterranean Sea.

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    Madrid (/ m ə ˈ d r ɪ d /, Spanish: [maˈðɾið]) is the capital and most populous city of Spain.The city has almost 3.3 million inhabitants and a metropolitan area population of approximately 6.5 million.

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    The economy of Spain is the world's thirteenth-largest by nominal GDP as well as one of the largest in the world by purchasing power parity.The country is a member of the European Union, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development and the World Trade Organization.

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  10. Toledo, Spain - Wikipedia,_Spain

    Toledo is known as the "Imperial City" because it was the main venue of the court of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor in Spain, and as the "City of the Three Cultures" for the cultural influences of Christians, Muslims and Jews reflected in its history.

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    Spain sent many soldiers and businessmen to North and South America, and they took over very large parts of those two continents. Owning this empire made Spain very rich. But when they conquered that empire, they killed millions of the Native Americans who had lived there before. Spain owned this empire for more than three hundred years.