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  1. Voivode of Transylvania - Hyperleap

    In late autumn, Louis dismissed his father's Voivode of Transylvania, Thomas Szécsényi, although Szécsényi's wife was a distant cousin of the queen mother. Kingdom of Poland (1025–1385) Elizabeth of Poland, Queen of Hungary Hungarian nobility Casimir III the Great List of Polish monarchs

  2. Frank Szécsényiécsényi

    His brothers were Frank, also a baron and his strongest ally at political level, and Nicholas I, who was last mentioned in 1383. The couple had three sons: Frank, Nicholas I and Simon. His only daughter Catherine was the wife of Frank Szécsényi.

  3. Count of the Székelysékelys

    Likewise, a special royal official, the Count of the Székelys, administered the Székely community from around 1228. The Székely territories came under the leadership of the Count of the Székelys (Latin: Comes Siculorum), initially a royal appointee from the non-Székely Hungarian nobility who was de facto a margrave; from the 15th century onward, the voivodes of Transylvania held the ...

  4. Orahovica - Hyperleap

    Turkish conquest continued—Našice were seized in 1541, Orahovica and Slatina in 1542, and in 1543, Voćin, Sirač and, after a 40-day siege, Valpovo. The adjective Orahovički was attributed to his name since his father Lovro /Lawrence/ gained the Orahovica estate, including large Ružica Castle.

  5. Louis I of Hungary - Hyperleap

    When Kazimierz died in 1370 from an injury received while hunting, his nephew, King Louis I of Hungary, succeeded him as king of Poland in personal union with Hungary. Louis I of Hungary introduced an entail system and enacted the principle of "one and the selfsame liberty" of all noblemen. In the same year, the Capetian House of Anjou became the ruling house with Louis I as king of both ...