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    June 10 –September – The Ottoman sultan Murad II besieges Constantinople; the siege is broken off as a result of the rebellion of Küçük Mustafa. August 22 – Use of the Spanish era dating system in the Kingdom of Portugal ceases. September 1 – Henry VI becomes King of England, aged nine months.

  2. 1420s - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 1420s From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Events and trends Masaccio and Masolino paint the Brancacci Chapel, in Florence, Italy. Brunelleschi designs the church of Church of San Lorenzo, Florence. Joan of Arc leads the army of France.

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    The 1420s BC is a decade which lasted from 1429 BC to 1420 BC. Head of Thutmose IV ( 18th Dynasty) Contents 1 Events and Trends 2 Significant people 3 In fiction 4 References Events and Trends The Egyptian Empire signs a peace treaty with the Kingdom of Mitanni (approximately 1420s BC).

  5. 1417–1420 – Ulugh Beg Madrasah in Samarkand is built. 1419–1427 – Ospedale degli Innocenti in Florence (first stage), designed by Filippo Brunelleschi. 1420. Khan Jaqmaq, Damascus, is completed. Forbidden City of Beijing, China, is completed. Temple of Heaven in Beijing is completed. Ca' d'Oro, Venice. 1421 – Traditional foundation ...

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    1421: Lucas Moser – German Late-Gothic painter (died 1492) 1421: Andreas Ritzos – Greek icons painter (died 1492) 1420: Barthélemy d'Eyck – Early Netherlandish artist who worked in France as a painter and manuscript illuminator (died 1470) 1420: Giovanni Francesco da Rimini – Italian painter (died 1469)

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