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    The Melun Diptych, a two-panel oil painting by the French court painter Jean Fouquet, was created around 1452. Deaths. 13 June – Jean d'Harcourt, Roman Catholic priest and bishop. 18 December – John VII, Count of Harcourt, nobleman (b. 1369) Unknown – Guillaume de Littera, Roman Catholic canon and provost (b. 1371). References

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    Year 1452 (MCDLII) was a leap year starting on Saturday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.

  3. October – English troops under John Talbot, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury, land in Guyenne, France, and retake most of the province without a fight. A major eruption of the South Pacific volcano Kuwae in Vanuatu has a subsequent global cooling effect (the eruption released more sulfate than any other event in the past 700 years).

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    This category includes works, events and everything related to the history of France in 1452.. Notes: This category is NOT intended ONLY for photographs taken in 1452, nor is it intended for media uploaded or scanned in 1452, as the parent Category:France by year goes in time past the invention of photography, scanners or computers.

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    Monarch – Charles VII; Events. Ongoing since 1449 – The Revolt of Ghent, lasted from 1449 to 1453.; 17 July – The Battle of Castillon in Gascony.A decisive French victory, it is considered to mark the end the Hundred Years' War.

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    However, the Dauphin of France was the title of the eldest son of a king of France the heir apparent to the French crown, from 1350 to 1830. The title was established by the royal house of France through the purchase of lands known as the Dauphiné in 1349 by the future Charles V of France.

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    8 January – Eustorg de Beaulieu, poet, composer and pastor (b. around 1495) 1 February – Charles de Solier, comte de Morette, soldier and diplomat (b. 1480). 2 December – Claude d'Annebault, military officer (b. 1495)

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    March – French troops under Guy de Richemont besiege the English commander in France, Edmund Beaufort, 1st Duke of Somerset, in Caen. April 15 – Battle of Formigny : French troops under the Comte de Clermont defeat an English army under Sir Thomas Kyriel and Sir Matthew Gough, which was attempting to relieve Caen .

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    Leonardo was born on 15 April 1452, in the Tuscan hill town of Vinci, in the valley of the Arno River. His grandfather, Antonio da Vinci, wrote down the details of the birth. Leonardo's parents were not married. His father was a Notary, Ser Piero da Vinci. His mother, Caterina, was a servant. She may have been a slave from the Middle East.