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  1. Alexandrian Rite - Wikipedia

    The Alexandrian rite's Divine Liturgy contains elements from the liturgies of Saints Mark the Evangelist (who is traditionally regarded as the first bishop of Alexandria), Basil the Great, Cyril the Great, and Gregory Nazianzus. The Liturgy of Saint Cyril is a Coptic language translation from Greek of the Liturgy of Saint Mark.

  2. Alexandrian Wicca - Wikipedia

    Alexandrian Wicca or Alexandrian Witchcraft is a tradition of the Neopagan religion of Wicca, founded by Alex Sanders (also known as "King of the Witches") who, with his wife Maxine Sanders, established the tradition in the United Kingdom in the 1960s.

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    • 1960s, United Kingdom
  3. Armenian Rite - Wikipedia

    The Armenian Rite is an independent liturgy used by both the Armenian Apostolic and Armenian Catholic Churches. It is also the rite used by a significant number of Eastern Catholic Christians in Georgia .

  4. Alexandrian Rite - OrthodoxWiki

    Apr 19, 2009 ยท The Alexandrian Rite contains elements from the liturgy of Saint Basil, Saint Cyril the Great, and Saint Gregory Nazianzus. The Liturgy of Saint Cyril the Great is a modification of the first Alexandrian Liturgy composed by Saint Mark. The Alexandrian Rite is divided into two rites: the Coptic Rite and the Ge'ez Rite.

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  6. Anaphora (liturgy) - Wikipedia

    Alexandrian Rite. The main currently used anaphora of the Alexandrian Rite is the Liturgy of Saint Cyril the Great, which is a revision of the first Alexandrian Liturgy composed by Saint Mark. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church makes use of no less than 14 official anaphoras. Some Ethiopian monasteries use additional Anaphoras as a local practice.

  7. Coptic Catholic Patriarchate of Alexandria - Wikipedia

    The Coptic Catholic Patriarchate of Alexandria is the Patriarchal and only Metropolitan see of the head of the Eastern sui iuris Coptic Catholic Church, a particular Church in the Catholic Church in full communion with the Holy See, which follows the Alexandrian Rite in its own Coptic language.

  8. Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria - Wikipedia

    The church follows the Alexandrian Rite for its liturgy, prayer and devotional patrimony. With approximately 10 million members worldwide, it is the country's largest ...

  9. Coptic Catholic Church - Wikipedia

    The Coptic Catholic Church is an Eastern Catholic particular church in full communion with the Catholic Church.The Coptic Catholic Church uses the Alexandrian Rite.Uniquely among Eastern Catholic Churches, it uses the Coptic language (derived from Ancient Egyptian, hence the name) in its liturgy, whereas the Ethiopian Catholic Church and Eritrean Catholic Church use the Alexandrian Rite in the ...

  10. Antiochene Rite - Wikipedia

    The Apostolic Constitutions is an important source for the history of the liturgy in the Antiochene rite. This text contains two outlines of liturgies, one in book two and one in book seven, and the complete Liturgy of the eighth book of the Apostolic Constitutions , which is the oldest known form that can be described as a complete liturgy.

  11. Altar - Wikipedia

    The altar is often located upon a kind of stage above a row of icons. Alexandrian Rite. Altars in the Alexandrian (Coptic Orthodox Church) tradition must have a square face upon which to offer the sacrifice. As the standard Coptic liturgy requires the priest to encircle the altar, it is never attached to any wall.