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      • From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For other uses, see The American (disambiguation). The American is a novel by Henry James, originally published as a serial in The Atlantic Monthly in 1876–77 and then as a book in 1877.
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  2. America (novel) - Wikipedia › wiki › America_(Frank_novel)

    America is a young adult novel written by E.R. Frank. It tells the story of America, a fifteen-year-old biracial boy who had gotten lost in the system. The author of the book, E.R. Frank, is herself a social worker. In an author's note at the end of the book, she says she has worked with many Americas over the years. The book was made into a 2009 TV movie on the Lifetime Television network, starring Philip Johnson as America and Rosie O'Donnell as his therapist. Although Dr. B is a female in the

    • 242 (Paperback, excluding author's note)
    • E.R. Frank
  3. Amerika (novel) - Wikipedia › wiki › Amerika_(Kafka_novel)

    Amerika, also known as The Man Who Disappeared, The Missing Person and as Lost in America (German: Der Verschollene), is the incomplete first novel by author Franz Kafka (1883–1924), written between 1911 and 1914 and published posthumously in 1927. The novel originally began as a short story titled "The Stoker". The novel incorporates many details of the experiences of his relatives who had emigrated to the United States.

    • Der Verschollene
    • Max Brod
  4. In America (novel) - Wikipedia › wiki › In_America_(novel)

    In America is a 1999 novel by Susan Sontag.It won the U.S. National Book Award for Fiction. It is based on the true story of Polish actress Helena Modjeska (called Maryna Zalewska in the book), her arrival in California in 1876, and her ascendancy to American stardom.

    • Susan Sontag
    • English
    • 1999
    • 3
  5. The American (novel) - Wikipedia › wiki › The_American_(novel)

    The American is a novel by Henry James, originally published as a serial in The Atlantic Monthly in 1876–77 and then as a book in 1877. The novel is an uneasy combination of social comedy and melodrama concerning the adventures and misadventures of Christopher Newman, an essentially good-hearted but rather gauche American businessman on his first tour of Europe.

    • 5 May 1877
    • James R. Osgood and Company, Boston
  6. The Plot Against America - Wikipedia › wiki › The_Plot_Against_America

    The Plot Against America is a novel by Philip Roth published in 2004. It is an alternative history in which Franklin D. Roosevelt is defeated in the presidential election of 1940 by Charles Lindbergh. The novel follows the fortunes of the Roth family during the Lindbergh presidency, as antisemitism becomes more accepted in American life and Jewish-American families like the Roths are persecuted on various levels.

    • Philip Roth
    • 400
    • 2004
    • September 2004
  7. Great American Novel - Wikipedia › wiki › Great_American_Novel

    The Great American Novel is a canonical novel that is thought to embody the essence of America, generally written by an American and dealing in some way with the question of America's national character. The Great American Novel is considered America's equivalent of the national epic. The term was coined by John William De Forest in an 1868 essay. Although De Forest mentioned Uncle Tom's Cabin as a possible contender, he noted that the Great American Novel had most likely not been written yet. W

    John Freeman of the Boston Globe, praised Chabon for "imagining the Great American Novel with a multiracial cast."
    Buell described it as the "most widely acclaimed GAN".
    According to Robert McCrum, it developed a reputation as the GAN almost immediately after its publication.
    Buell noted that "For an appreciable number of turn-of-the-twenty-first-century readers...Infinite Jest [is] the GAN of our days".
  8. The Ugly American - Wikipedia › wiki › The_Ugly_American

    The Ugly American is a 1958 political novel by Eugene Burdick and William Lederer that depicts the failures of the U.S. diplomatic corps in Southeast Asia. The book caused a sensation in diplomatic circles and had major political implications. The Peace Corps was established during the Kennedy administration partly as a result of the book.

  9. American War (novel) - Wikipedia › wiki › American_War_(novel)

    American War is the first novel by Canadian-Egyptian journalist Omar El Akkad. It is set in a near-future United States of America, ravaged by climate change and disease, in which a second Civil War has broken out over the use of fossil fuels. The plot is told using historiographic metafiction by future historian Benjamin Chestnut about his aunt, Sarat Chestnut, who is a climate refugee pushed out of Louisiana by the civil war. The narrative chapters are interspersed with fictional primary docum

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