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    Andalusia region (UK: / ˌ æ n d ə ˈ l uː s i ə,-z i ə /, US: /-ʒ (i) ə,-ʃ (i) ə /; Spanish: Andalucía [andaluˈθi.a]) is the southern autonomous community in Peninsular Spain.It is the most populous, and the second largest autonomous community in the country.

    • 87,268 km² (33,694 sq mi)
    • Spain
  2. Andalucia 2020: Best of Andalucia, Spain Tourism - Tripadvisor

    Distinctive architecture, sun-drenched resorts and eclectic small towns dot Andalusia, a dry, mountainous region of southern Spain that maintains echoes of its Moorish occupation. Spring and fall bring balmy temperatures, ideal for visiting Seville's cathedral, the world's largest Gothic structure, and the 1,200-year-old mosque in Córdoba.

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    Andalusia, comunidad autónoma (autonomous community) and historical region of Spain, encompassing the provincias (provinces) of Huelva, Cádiz, Sevilla, Málaga, Córdoba, Jaén, Granada, and Almería. The southernmost region of Spain, Andalusia is bounded by the autonomous communities of Extremadura

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    Andalusia is the region that most people think of when they think of Spain. Granada, Cordoba, and Seville are the cities making up its "golden triangle," but there are other, smaller places within Andalusia to discover as you'll see below.

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    Andalusia (Spanish: Andalucía) is a region in the south of Spain. It is a region of contrasts: ancient cities and deserts, amazing beaches along the Costa del Sol and Costa de la Luz and the Sierra Nevada mountain range where the highest mountain in Spain is found and also the most southerly ski resort in Europe.

    Andalusia encompasses an area of 87,268 sq km with a population of just under 8 million people. It spans almost the entire south of Spain and is bordered to the west by Portugal. To the south in the Province of Cadiz at the very tip of Spain lies the British overseas territory of Gibraltar where it is separate from North Africa by just a few miles.

    Andalusia is divided into eight provinces, each having the same name as its respective provincial capital city.

    Nowaday, the region is a very popular tourist destination with a lot of British and German package holidayers coming to stay in the concrete resorts on the Costa del Sol. But if you stay away from the concrete resorts you will find lots of culture, amazing scenery and great food.

    Like most of the rest of Spain, Andalusia's main language is Spanish, but with a local dialect. The local dialect is somewhat similar to the Spanish spoken in parts of Latin America such as Cuba and Colombia. A main feature of Andalusian Spanish is the tendency for speakers to cut of the final \\"s\\" sounds in words (for example gracias becomes something like gracia'), which can cause comprehension problems for people unfamiliar with it. However, when speaking with foreigners (and even people from other regions of Spain) many Andalusians will revert to a more standard, deliberate form of pronunciation for the sake of clarity.

    Major airports: Seville(Sevilla), Malaga, Almeria, Jerez de la Frontera. The main road routes into Andalusia are Malaga has the third biggest international airport in Spain, which a lot of discount airlines fly to. From Malaga, the A-7 E-15 motorway runs westwards along the coast to Gibraltar and eastwards to Almeria and beyond. To head north from Malaga, the A-45 motorway runs to Cordoba. There are also airports in Sevilla, Jerez de la Frontera, Granada and Almeria.

    When drinking in the Granada province of the Andalusia region, it's always a good idea to ask for Tapas. Usually when serving beer at a bar, the bartender will place a plate with one Tapas for each beer glass ordered. If they did not, it's usually OK to ask if they have any Tapas (Qué tapas tienes?/Tienen tapas?) and they will provide them free of charge. Keep in mind - this works only in this part of Andalusia. In other provinces you have to pay for the Tapas but they are usually 1 to 3 euros.

    Sunburn and dehydration caused by high temperatures are a problem in summer, as temperatures can reach 45º Celsius.

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  8. Andalusia - Spain Incoming

    Andalusia is the autonomous community with the highest number of inhabitants (8,424,102, according to the National Institute of Statistics) and the second-largest in Spain with a surface area of 87,268 km².

  9. Andalucia: The Exuberant Andalusian Culture - Tripadvisor

    Andalusia is the area at the southern tip of Spain and consists of 8 provinces: Seville, Malaga, Granada, Jaen, Cordoba, Almeria, Cadiz, and Huelva. The latest census shows that more than 10,000,000 people live in Andalusia, out of a total Spanish population of 44,000,000.

  10. Málaga - Wikipediaálaga

    Málaga (/ ˈ m æ l ə ɡ ə /, Spanish: ) is a municipality of Spain, capital of the Province of Málaga, in the autonomous community of Andalusia.With a population of 571,026 in 2018, it is the second-most populous city of Andalusia after Seville and the sixth most populous in Spain.

  11. BBC - Religions - Islam: Muslim Spain (711-1492)

    Sep 04, 2009 · Andalusia. The heartland of Muslim rule was Southern Spain or Andulusia. The name Andalusia comes from the term Al-Andalus used by the Arabs, derived from the Vandals who had been settled in the ...