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    Seraphim (singular "Seraph") are, literally translated, "burning ones". The word seraph is normally a synonym for serpents when used in the Hebrew Bible. Mentioned in Isaiah 6:1–7, Seraphim are the highest angelic class and they serve as the caretakers of God's throne and continuously shout praises: "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts; the whole earth is full of His glory!"

    • First Sphere

      The first sphere angels serve as the heavenly servants of...

    • Second Sphere

      Angels of the Second Sphere work as heavenly governors of...

  2. Hierarchy of angels - Wikipedia

    A hierarchy of angels is a belief or tradition found in the angelology of different religions, which holds that there are different levels or ranks of angels. Higher ranks may be asserted to have greater power or authority over lower ranks, and with different ranks having differences in appearance, such as varying numbers of wings or faces.

  3. Angelology (novel) - Wikipedia
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    Angelology is a first novel by Danielle Trussoni. It was published by Viking Press in March 2010.

    The story follows a nun in New York who unwittingly reignites an ancient war between Angelologists, a group who study angels, and a race of descendants of angels and humans called the Nephilim. The story blends ancient biblical pericopes, the myth of Orpheus, and the fall of rebel angels.

    Eric Simonoff, then at Janklow & Nesbit, agented the book. In early 2009, seven different publishing houses vied for the manuscript. It eventually went to Viking Press for an undisclosed amount. According to Publishers Weekly, a reputable industry publication, the final offer was "well into six figures". Apart from publishing industry interest, two motion picture studios, Columbia Pictures and Universal Pictures, bid against each other for the film rights, with Columbia winning. Andrea Gianetti

    • March 9, 2010
    • Viking
  4. Danielle Trussoni - Wikipedia
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    Danielle Anne Trussoni is a New York Times, USA Today, and Sunday Times Top 10 bestselling novelist. She has been a Pulitzer Prize in Fiction jurist, and writes the Dark Matters column for the New York Times Book Review. She created the Writerly podcast, a weekly podcast about the art and business of writing. Her novels have been translated into 33 languages. Her work includes five books: Falling Through the Earth, Angelology, Angelopolis, The Fortress, and The Ancestor. She is the recipient of

    Trussoni graduated from the University of Wisconsin–Madison summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa with a BA in History and English in 1996 and from the Iowa Writers' Workshop, where she received an MFA in Fiction Writing in 2002. She has lived for extended periods in Japan, Bulgaria, England and France. Trussoni currently lives in New York. She lived in France from 2009-2012 and her memoir, The Fortress, focuses on this period in her life. Trussoni was featured in Season 2 of This American ...

    Trussoni’s first novel, Angelology, was a literary historical thriller described as “a brilliant tapestry of myth and biblical lore on our present-day world and plunged two star-crossed heroes into an ancient battle against mankind’s greatest enemy: the fatally ...

    The Ancestor, a literary gothic novel that explores the darker realms of ancestry and inheritance, was published by William Morrow in April 2020. The book has been widely praised, described by Kirkus Reviews as "an opulently romantic horror tale" and "gothic extravaganza." Publis

    • MFA in Fiction, Iowa Writers' Workshop
    • Novelist
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  6. Angel - Wikipedia

    An angel is a supernatural being in various religions and mythologies. ... Kainz, Howard P., "Active and Passive Potency" in Thomistic Angelology Martinus Nijhoff.

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  8. Demonology - Wikipedia

    Demonology is the study of demons or beliefs about demons. They may be human, or nonhuman, separable souls, or discarnate spirits which have never inhabited a body. A sharp distinction is often drawn between these two classes, notably by the Melanesians, several African groups, and others.

  9. Angelologia – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

    Angelologia ou angeologia é um ramo da teologia que estuda os anjos.Como os Pais da Igreja (com exceção de Orígenes de Alexandria) não demonstravam interesse especial pela natureza dos anjos, pode-se dizer que as bases das doutrinas angelológicas ocidentais foram formuladas por Santo Agostinho no século IV d.C.

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    Jewish Encyclopedia, "Angelology", Židovská encyklopedie, heslo Angelologie (anglicky) Tento článek je příliš stručný nebo postrádá důležité informace . Pomozte Wikipedii tím, že jej vhodně rozšíříte .

  11. Heaven in Judaism - Wikipedia

    Shamayim (שָׁמַיִם), the Hebrew word for "heaven" (literally heavens, plural), denotes one component of the three-part biblical cosmology, the other elements being erets (the earth) and sheol (the underworld).

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