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    Anne was the daughter of Gaston of Foix, Count of Candale and Infanta Catherine of Navarre. Her mother was the youngest daughter of Queen Eleanor of Navarre , and Gaston IV, Count of Foix . Anne grew up at the French royal court in Blois.

    • Infanta Catherine of Navarre

      Catherine de Foix (c. 1455 – died before 1494) was a French...

    • Life

      Anne was the daughter of Gaston of Foix, Count of Candale...

    • Children

      Although Anna was Vladislaus II's third wife, she gave birth...

  2. Margaret of Foix-Candale - Wikipedia

    Life. She was the youngest daughter of John de Foix, 1st Earl of Kendal and Margaret Kerdeston.In 1492 she married to Louis II Margrave of Saluzzo.Marchioness Margaret accompanied her niece, queen Anna of Foix-Candale in 1502 from Saluzzo to Venice in the wedding tour from France to Hungary, when Queen Anne visited her paternal relatives in Saluzzo.

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  4. Anne of Bohemia and Hungary - Wikipedia

    Anne was born in Buda (now Budapest).The death of Vladislaus II on 13 March 1516 left both siblings in the care of Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor.It was arranged that Anna marry his grandson, Archduke Ferdinand of Austria, second son of Queen Regnant Joanna of Castile and her late husband and co-ruler, Philip I of Castile.

  5. Anne of Austria - Wikipedia

    Anne of Austria (French: Anne d'Autriche; 22 September 1601 – 20 January 1666), a Spanish princess and an Austrian archduchess of the House of Habsburg, was queen of France as the wife of Louis XIII, and regent of France during the minority of her son, Louis XIV, from 1643 to 1651.

  6. Anne de Foix Queen consort (De Foix-Candale) (1484 - 1506 ...

    Sep 11, 2018 · Anna of Foix-Candale. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Anna of Foix (1484 – 26 July 1506) was the Queen consort of Hungary and Bohemia. She was born the daughter of Gaston II de Foix, Count of Candale and Benauges and Catherine, Infanta of Navarre.

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    Life. Anna was the daughter of Gaston of Foix, Count of Candale and Infanta Catherine of Navarre.Her mother was the youngest daughter of Eleanor of Aragon, who herself became the reigning Queen of Navarre for a couple of weeks in 1479 and then died, and Gaston IV, Count of Foix.

  8. Ana era filha do conde Gastão de Foix-Candale e de Catarina de Foix, infanta de Navarra. Seu casamento com o rei tcheco-húngaro foi a consequência de um tratado político entre Luís XII da França e os Jagelão contra os avanços dos turcos otomanos e a expansão da Casa de Habsburgo. O contrato matrimonial foi fechado em 23 de março de 1502.

  9. Anna av Foix-Candale – Wikipedia

    Anna av Foix-Candale, född 1484, död 1506, var en drottning av Ungern och Böhmen, gift med Vladislav II av Böhmen och Ungern. Hon var dotter till den franske adelsmannen Johan Gaston av Foix , som också hade den engelska titeln earl av Candale eller Kendal (därav namnet) och Katarina av Navarra , och kusin till drottning Katarina av Navarra .

  10. 100 0 _ ‎‡a Anna de Foix-Candale ‏ ‎‡c (królowa Czech, Węgier i Chorwacji ; ‏ ‎‡d ok. 1484-1506) ‏ 100 0 _ ‎‡a Anna z Foix, ‏ ‎‡c královna, choť Vladislava II.