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      • The Armenian Catholic Church (Armenian : Հայ Կաթողիկէ Եկեղեցի, romanized :  Hay Kat’oġikē Ekeġec’i ; Latin : Ecclesia armeno-catholica), improperly referred to as the Armenian Uniate Church, is one of the Eastern particular churches sui iuris of the CatholicChurch.
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  2. Armenian Catholic Church - Wikipedia

    The 1897 imperial census in Russia found 38,840 Catholic Armenians, while 1914 Ottoman government statistics provided 67,838 as the number of Catholic Armenians. A 1971 article by United Press International (UPI) estimated the number of adherents of the Armenian Catholic Church at around 100,000.

  3. Armenian Apostolic Church - Wikipedia

    The Armenian Apostolic Church is distinct from the Armenian Catholic Church, the latter being a sui juris Eastern Catholic Church, part of the Catholic Church. When in the 1740s, Abraham-Pierre I Ardzivian, who had earlier become a Catholic, was elected as the patriarch of Sis , he led part of the Armenian Apostolic Church into full communion with the Pope and the Armenian Catholic Church was created.

  4. Catholic Church in Armenia - Wikipedia

    The Catholic Church in Armenia is part of the worldwide Catholic Church, under the spiritual leadership of the Pope in Rome. The 2011 census counted 13,843 Catholics in Armenia, representing about 0.46% of the total population. Catholics in Armenia belong to two particular churches, the Latin Rite or Western Rite and the Armenian Catholic Church.

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  6. Armenian Catholic Church - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...

    The Armenian Catholic Church is an Eastern Catholic church sui juris within the Catholic Church. Its headquarters are in Bzoummar, Lebanon. The union was established in the Council of Florence, in 1439. During the Armenian Genocide, 1915-1918, its followers were scattered, mainly to Syria and Lebanon.

  7. Armenian Catholic church of the Holy Trinity in Aleppo, Syria. The Ar­men­ian Catholic Church is bro­ken into Arch­dio­ce­ses, Eparchies, Apos­tolic Exar­chates, Or­di­nar­i­ates for the Faith­ful of the East­ern Rite and Pa­tri­ar­chal Exar­chates, each of which have func­tions sim­i­lar to a dio­cese .

  8. Armenian Apostolic Church | Christianity Knowledge Base ...

    The Armenian Apostolic Church (Armenian : Հայ Արաքելական Եկեղեցի), sometimes called the Armenian Orthodox Church is the world's oldest national church and one of the most ancient Christian communities.

  9. Armenian Catholic Archeparchy of Istanbul - Wikipedia

    The Armenian Catholic Archeparchy of Istanbul, also known as Armenian Catholic Archdiocese of Constantinople, serves Armenian Catholics in Turkey and is under the Armenian Catholic Patriarch of Cilicia. The seat is in Istanbul. Originally established in 1860, the current archeparchy was erected on 15 October 1928.

    • 15 October 1928
    • (as of 2009), 3,450
    • Immediately Subject to the Patriarch
    • Turkey
  10. Religion in Armenia - Wikipedia

    As of 2011, most Armenians are Christians and are members of Armenia's own church, the Armenian Apostolic Church, which is one of the oldest Christian churches. It was founded in the 1st century AD, and in 301 AD became the first branch of Christianity to become a state religion. According to Pew Research publication in December 2018 Armenia is the 2nd most religious country among 34 European nations with 79% of respondents saying they believe in God with absolute certainty. In the 21st century,

  11. Armenians - Wikipedia

    These include the Armenian Catholic Church (which follows its own liturgy but recognizes the Roman Catholic Pope), the Armenian Evangelical Church, which started as a reformation in the Mother church but later broke away, and the Armenian Brotherhood Church, which was born in the Armenian Evangelical Church, but later broke apart from it. There ...

    • 55,740
    • 50,000
    • 90,000–110,000
    • 1,182,388–2,900,000