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  1. Francisco nació en Florencia, Toscana, hijo mayor de Leopoldo II (1747-1792) y de la infanta María Luisa de España (1745-1792). Por lado paterno era nieto de la emperatriz María Teresa I de Austria y del emperador Francisco I (de quién recibió su nombre), mientras que por lado materno lo era del rey Carlos III de España y María Amalia de Sajonia.

  2. Casinos Austria AG – Muttergesellschaft mit 12 österreichischen Casinos und Anteilseigner zahlreicher ausländischer Beteiligungen. Casinos Austria International – Unternehmen zur Planung, Errichtung und Betrieb von Casinos. Derzeit (2016) 33 Standorte.

  3. The United States of Greater Austria (German: Vereinigte Staaten von Groß-Österreich) was an unrealized proposal made in 1906 to federalize Austria-Hungary to help resolve widespread ethnic and nationalist tensions.

  4. Austria-Hungary (often referred to as the Austro-Hungarian Empire) did not have a common flag (a "national flag" could not exist since the Dual Monarchy consisted of two sovereign states). However, the black-gold flag of the ruling Habsburg Dynasty was sometimes used as a de facto national flag and a common civil ensign was introduced in 1869 ...

  5. The current coat of arms of the Republic of Austria has been in use in its first forms by the First Republic of Austria since 1919. Between 1934 and the German annexation in 1938, the Federal State (Bundesstaat Österreich) used a different coat of arms, which consisted of a double-headed eagle (one-party corporate state led by the clerico-right-wing Fatherland Front - often labeled austro ...

  6. Economy. Politics. The Upper Austrian state constitution defines Upper Austria as an independent state of the democratic Republic of Austria. In its constitution, Upper Austria also declares its support for a united Europe that is committed to democratic, constitutional, social and federal principles as well as the principle of subsidiarity, preserves the autonomy of the regions and ensures ...

  7. Die APA – Austria Presse Agentur eG ist die größte nationale Nachrichten- und Presseagentur Österreichs mit Sitz in Wien. Sie befindet sich im Eigentum österreichischer Tageszeitungen und des ORF .

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