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    Azura was the daughter of Adam and Eve and the wife (and sister) of Seth in the Book of Jubilees, chapter 4.. Family tree

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    Similarly, her sister Azura (עֲצֻרָה atzurah "restraint") was the wife of Cain's two brothers: Abel and after Abel's murder, Seth. In one Hebrew chronological work, she is called Balbira . [2] [3]

    • Qelima, Jumelia, Balbira
    • Adam and Eve
  3. Azura (religious figure). Quite the same Wikipedia. Just better.

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    Azura, a fictional island fortress in Gears of War 3; Azura (Elder Scrolls), a fictional supernatural entity that appears in The Elder Scrolls videogames; Azura (religious figure), daughter of Adam and Eve; Azura, Goddess of Death in Jade Cocoon, also known as the spinner of souls; Azura Thermal Power Station, a natural gas powered power ...

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    Azura (figura religiosa) - Azura (religious figure) De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre. Para otras aplicaciones, vea Azura. Azura. Esposos) Seth: Padre (s)

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    Azura (figura religiosa) - Azura (religious figure) Da Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre ... This page is based on the copyrighted Wikipedia article "Azura ...

  8. Why are Azura and Awan (daughters of Adam and Eve) left out ...

    Jan 30, 2018 · Azura & Awan, are alleged to be the wives of Cain, Able and Seth. They are mentioned in the book of Jubilees, which is not considered to be canonical by most of Christianity.

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    夏娃(希伯来语: חַוָּה ‬, 现代 Chava 提比里亚 Ḥawwāh ,阿拉伯语: حَوَّاء ‎,转写: Ḥawwāʾ ,希臘語: Εὕα ,转写: Heúa ,拉丁語: Eva ,英語: Eve ,伊斯兰教汉译作哈娃)是希伯來聖經《創世記》以及《古兰经》中的一个人物。

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    Martyr - Seth - Curse and mark of Cain - Primeval history - Adam and Eve - Enoch (son of Cain) - Legends of the Jews - Awan (religious figure) - Dumuzid - Book of Genesis - Land of Nod - Mandaeism - Irad - Inanna - Eve - Life of Adam and Eve - Generations of Adam - Satan - Azura (religious figure) - Nephilim - Gnosticism - Man in the Moon - Master Mahan - Book of Jubilees - Fratricide

  11. Antediluvian

    In Abrahamic religions, Noah was the tenth and last of the pre-Flood patriarchs. According to the Genesis narrative, during the antediluvian age, human longevity approached a millennium, such as the case of Adam who lived 930 years. and places him among the exalted Antediluvian patriarchs of the Generations of Adam.