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    Ballenstedt is located at the Bundesstraße (federal highway) 185, leading to the Bundesstraße 6 and the Bundesautobahn 14. Train service was suspended in 2003. A small asphalt runway is about 5 km (3 mi) outside the town. Notable people Born in Ballenstedt. Uta von Ballenstedt (1000 - before 1046), founder of the Naumburg Cathedral

    • 236 m (774 ft)
    • Harz
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    Otto, Count of Ballenstedt, called Otto the Rich (c. 1070 – 9 February 1123), was the first Ascanian prince to call himself count of Anhalt, and was also briefly named duke of Saxony. He was the father of Albert the Bear, who later conquered Brandenburg from the Slavs and called himself its first margrave.

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    Siegfried I of Ballenstedt (c. 1075 – 9 March 1113), was the son of Adalbert II of Ballenstedt, and a member of the House of Ascania.He was count palatine of the Rhineland (r.1095/7-1113), and count of Weimar-Orlamünde (r.1112-1113).

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    Uta von Ballenstedt, a member of the House of Ascania, was Margravine of Meissen from 1038 until 1046, the wife of Margrave Eckard II. She is also called Uta of Naumburg as the subject of a famous donor portrait by the Naumburg Master.

    Little is known of Uta's descent. She was probably the sister of the Saxon count Esico of Ballenstedt, who became the progenitor of the Ascanian dynasty. One Count Adalbert of Ballenstedt and Hidda, a daughter of the Lusatian margrave Odo I, are commonly reckoned as their parents, however, these names are not recorded in contemporary sources. According to 13th century Naumburg chronicles, Uta's father married her off to Eckard II in around 1026, the younger brother of Margrave Herman I of Meisse

    Uta was among the donators of Naumburg Cathedral, therefore a painted statue was erected in her honour in the 13th century. The Early Gothic west choir was built with an elevated gallery portraying the founders. The life-sized representation of a group of 12 people of the high nobility that were neither emperor nor king is unique in art history. Similar to the Bamberg Horseman, the individual depiction, part of a semicircle of twelve donor portraits, is today generally considered a masterpiece o

    • 23 October before 1046
    • Hidda (?)
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    Adalbert von Ballenstedt c. 970, (name uncertain, but possibly Adalbert), was Count of Ballenstedt, Vogt of the Nienburg Abbey, and the provost of Hagenrode.He is the earliest known ancestor of the House of Ascania.

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    Adalbert II of Ballenstedt (c. 1030 – 1076/1083), an early member of the House of Ascania, was Graf (count) in Saxony and Vogt of Nienburg Abbey.. Life. Adelbert, first mentioned in a 1033 deed, was born at Ballenstedt Castle in the Saxon Schwabengau, the son of Count Esico of Ballenstedt (d. about 1060) and his wife Matilda, probably a daughter of Duke Herman II of Swabia.

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    Esico of Ballenstedt (died around 1060) is the progenitor of the House of Ascania, (i.e., the oldest known member of his dynasty).Esico was the count of Ballenstedt (r.1036-1060), and his possessions became the nucleus of the later Principality of Anhalt

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    In Ballenstedt befindet sich das Pfarramt St. Nikolai in der Mühlstraße 14. Zu diesem gehören die Kirchengemeinde St. Nikolai (Ballenstedt mit der Nikolakirche und Opperode mit der St.-Petri-Kirche) und die Schlosskirchengemeinde (mit der Schlosskapelle von 1887 in der Bebelstraße).

    • 86,65 km²
    • 236 m ü. NHN
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    Ballenstedt är en stad i Landkreis Harz i det tyska förbundslandet Sachsen-Anhalt. Orten nämns för första gången i ett dokument från år 1073. Orten nämns för första gången i ett dokument från år 1073.

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    Ballenstedt (Germania) Poziția geografică Coordonate: 51°43′12″N 11°14′15″E  /  51.72000°N 11.23750°E 51°43′12″N 11°14′15″E  /  51.72000°N 11.23750