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    Benwell Colliery was opened in 1766 and operated until 1938. The original layout of Benwell exists in the form of Benwell Village, Benwell Lane, Ferguson's Lane and Fox and Hounds Lane; however, no buildings still exist other than from the early 19th century.

  2. Benwell and Scotswood - Wikipedia

    Benwell and Scotswood is an electoral ward of Newcastle upon Tyne in North East England.The ward encompasses the Benwell and Scotswood housing areas, as well as the Newcastle Business Park, which is located on the banks of the River Tyne and houses offices of companies such as British Airways and the Automobile Association.

  3. Joseph Austin Benwell - Wikipedia

    Joseph Austin Benwell (1816–1886) was an English artist, engraver and illustrator. He was primarily an artist in the 'orientalist' style. Many of his paintings and engravings were based on his travels in the Near and Middle East, China and India, often featuring camel caravans, Arab scenes and depictions of Indian life.

    • 13 May 1886, Kensington, London
    • Painting, engraving and illustrations
    • British
    • 26 May 1816, Southwark, London
  4. Bethan Benwell - Wikipedia

    Bethan Benwell (born 4 August 1971), has been a senior lecturer in English Language and Linguistics, for the Division of Literature and Languages, at the University of Stirling since 2008. [2]

    • 4 August 1971 (age 49)
    • Discourse and Identity
    • The relationship between discourse and identity
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    Lungsod ang Benwell sa Hiniusang Gingharian. Nahimutang ni sa kondado sa Newcastle upon Tyne ug apil sa nasod sa Inglatera, sa sentro nga bahin sa nasod, 400 km sa amihanan sa London ang ulohan sa nasod. 93 metros ibabaw sa dagat kahaboga ang nahimutangan sa Benwell, ug adunay 6,500 ka molupyo.

  6. Condercum - Wikipedia

    Condercum was a Roman fort on the site of the modern-day Condercum Estate in Benwell, a suburb of Newcastle upon Tyne, England.It was the third fort on Hadrian's Wall, after Segedunum and Pons Aelius (Newcastle), and was situated on a hilltop 2 miles (3 km) to the west of the city.

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    Benwell är en ort i Newcastle upon Tyne i Storbritannien. [1] Den ligger i grevskapet Tyne and Wear och riksdelen England, i den centrala delen av landet, 400 km norr om huvudstaden London. Benwell ligger 93 meter över havet [a] och antalet invånare är 6 500. [1] Terrängen runt Benwell är platt åt nordost, men åt sydväst är den kuperad.

  8. Benwell - Vicipéid

    Benwell. Is bruachbhaile suite i Newcastle upon Tyne é Benwell. Is síol faoi thíreolaíocht Shasana é an t-alt seo. Cuir leis, chun cuidiú leis an Vicipéid.

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    itself. At this time Benwell was a rural area containing several big houses surrounded by landscaped grounds, many farms, scattered groups of cottages linked to coal mines, and a small village which later became known as Old Benwell. The total population of Benwell was only 1,278 in 1831.

  10. Derventio Brigantum - Wikipedia

    Derventio, sometimes described as Derventio Brigantium (Latin for "Derventio of the Brigantes") in order to distinguish it from other places called Derventio, was a Roman fort and settlement located beneath the modern town of Malton in North Yorkshire, England.