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    The Bollandists or Bollandist Society (French: Société des Bollandistes) are an association of scholars, philologists, and historians (originally all Jesuits, but now including non-Jesuits) who since the early seventeenth century have studied hagiography and the cult of the saints in Christianity.

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    The Bollandists oversaw the project, first in Antwerp and then in Brussels. The Acta Sanctorum began with two January volumes (for saints whose feast days were in January), published in 1643. From 1643 to 1794, 53 folio volumes of Acta Sanctorum were published, covering the saints from January 1 to October 14.

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    a learned society of Jesuits engaged in publishing the lives of the saints. The Bollandist society was founded in Antwerp by J. Bol-Iand (1596-I665). ln 1643, Bolland began to publish the collection The Lives of the Saints (Acta Sanctorum) according to the plan of H. Rosweyde.

  4. Bollandist synonyms, Bollandist pronunciation, Bollandist translation, English dictionary definition of Bollandist. any of the editors of the Acta Sanctorum, a critical and official hagiology begun by the Jesuits in the 17th century.

  5. Define Bollandists. Bollandists synonyms, Bollandists pronunciation, Bollandists translation, English dictionary definition of Bollandists. n. pl. 1. The Jesuit editors of the "Acta Sanctorum", or Lives of the Saints; - named from John Bolland, who began the work

  6. Foillan - Wikipedia

    There are several Latin Lives of Foillan of varying authority, reproduced by the Society of Bollandists in the Acta Sanctorum. Around 1100 Hillinus, a deacon and cantor of the church of Fosses, wrote a metrical life of Foillan for his master Sigebert, the patron of Fosses.

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    Mary of Egypt is the subject of operas by Ottorino Respighi (Maria egiziaca) and Sir John Tavener (Mary of Egypt), the latter written in 1992 for the Aldeburgh Festival. The Unknown Masterpiece (1831), a novella by Balzac , contains a long description of a portrait of Mary of Egypt "undressing in order to pay her passage to Jerusalem."

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    Eucharius died on December 8, having been bishop for twenty-five years, and was interred in the church of St. John outside the city. [1] Valerius was bishop for fifteen years and was succeeded by Maternus, who had in the meantime founded the dioceses of Cologne and Tongeren , being bishop altogether for forty years.

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    According to Eastern Orthodox traditions, according to the Commentary on the Apocalypse of Andreas of Caesarea, believe Saint Antipas to be the Antipas referred to in the Book of Revelation, Revelation 2:13, as the verse says: "I know thy works, and where thou dwellest, even where Satan's seat is: and thou holdest fast my name, and hast not denied my faith, even in those days wherein Antipas ...

  10. Bollandis atau Perhimpunan Bollandis (bahasa Prancis: Société des Bollandistes) merupakan nama dari sebuah asosiasi para cendekiawan, filolog, dan sejarawan (awalnya semua Yesuit, tetapi sekarang termasuk bukan-Yesuit) yang sejak awal abad ke-17 mempelajari hagiografi dan kultus para santo dalam agama Kristen.

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