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    Bona of Savoy, Duchess of Milan (10 August 1449 – 23 November 1503) was Duchess consort of Milan as the second spouse of Galeazzo Maria Sforza, Duke of Milan.She served as regent of Milan during the minority of her son 1476–1481.

  2. Princess Maria Bona of Savoy-Genoa - Wikipedia

    Princess Bona, who worked during the war as a nurse, stayed afterwards with her relatives in Savoy. She was prohibited from entering Germany and was not reunited with her family until 1947. In later years Prince Konrad worked on the Board of German automaker NSU. Bona died on 2 February 1971 in Rome.

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    Oct 03, 2019 · Bona of Savoy with saint 02.jpg 225 × 289; 35 KB Medaglia di bona di savoia, veduva del duca galeazzo maria sforza, 1500-1512 ca.jpg 2,040 × 1,987; 3.31 MB Milano, bona di savoia e gian galeazzo visconti, 1476-1481 verso.jpg 452 × 468; 181 KB

    • 17 November 1503, Fossano
    • duke (1468–1476), regency (1476–)
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    Vanand (Armenian: Վանանդ) is the area of historic Armenia that roughly corresponds to the Kars Province of present-day Turkey.Named after the Armenian family of Vanandi, it was a principality of the Kingdom of Armenia and a later province of the Democratic Republic of Armenia.

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search Bona of Savoy; A portrait of Bona of Savoy

  7. Charlotte of Savoy - Wikipedia

    Charlotte of Savoy (c. 1441/3 – 1 December 1483) was queen of France as the second spouse of Louis XI. She served as regent during the king's absence in 1465, and was a member of the royal regency council during her son's minority in 1483.

  8. Bona Sforza - Wikipedia

    Bona Sforza d’Aragona (2 February 1494 – 19 November 1557) was Queen of Poland and Grand Duchess of Lithuania as the second wife of Sigismund I the Old, and Duchess of Bari and Rossano by her own right. She was a surviving member of the powerful House of Sforza, which ruled the Duchy of Milan since 1447.

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    Bona de Berry: Cónxuxe: Mary of Burgundy: Fillos: Margaret of Savoy, Duchess of Anjou, Marie of Savoy, Duchess of Milan, Luís, Duque de Saboia, Bonne of Savoy, Philip of Savoy, Count of Geneva, Margaret di Savoia, Anthony di Savoia, Anthony di Savoia e Amadeus di Savoia, Prince of Piedmonte: Irmáns

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    Bona Mailand, Herzogin, 1449-1503 1449-1503 Bona, of Savoy, consort of Galeazzo Maria Sforza, Duke of Milan, 1449-1503 Бона Савойска بونا من سافوي Bona di Savoia (1449-1503) Bona di Savoia 1449-1503 Milano kunigaikštienė Bonne de Savoie, 1449-1503, Duchesse de Milan

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    In 1476, during the regency of Bona of Savoy, the tower with her name was built. The castle in the 16th century. In 1494 Ludovico Sforza became lord of Milan, and called numerous artists to decorate the castle.