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    Boris, also known as Boris Kalamanos was a claimant to the Hungarian throne in the middle of the 12th century. He was the son of Euphemia of Kiev, the second wife of Coloman the Learned, King of Hungary. After Euphemia was caught in adultery, Coloman expelled her from Hungary and never acknowledged that he was Boris's father. However, Boris, who was born in the Kievan Rus', regarded himself as the king's lawful son. He laid claim to Hungary after Coloman's firstborn and successor, Stephen II of

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    One Boris was identical with Boris Kalamanos, who died around 1154, fighting against the Cumans, according to Hóman. The other Boris was Ban Boris, whom Géza I made Ban of Bosnia, for which Géza I's brother, Stephen (the former Duke of Bosnia) fled to the Byzantine Empire in 1158.

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    Hóman's Boris of Bosnia too can only mean Boris Kalamanos as Boris is not a Bosnian name and there has never been a leader named Boris in that country's history; in fact, she didn't call it a misspelling and was instead infuriated with Hóman to cynicism so I go with emotions-free Hóman.

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    Boris (hongrois : Borisz; né c. 1114 - mort c. 1154), connu également sous le nom de Boris Kalamanos (grec Βορίσης Καλαμάνος, russe : Борис Коломанович) est un prétendant au trône de Hongrie du milieu du XII e siècle.

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    Boris Kalamanos (Kiev, c. 1114-1153/1154) was a pretender who claimed the Hungarian throne. He desperately tried to assert his claims with the assistance of Poland, the Holy Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire, but he failed and died in exile.

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    Boris was the son of Euphemia of Kiev, a daughter of Vladimir II Monomakh, the future Grand Prince of Kiev. She was given in marriage to King Coloman of Hungary in 1112. However, as the Illuminated Chronicle narrated, she "was taken in the sin of adultery". After discovering her illicit relationship, King Coloman expelled his wife from Hungary.

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    Borisz egyes forrásokban Borics magyar trónkövetelő. Születésének és halálának pontos körülményei nem ismertek. A feltételezések szerint 1113-ban vagy 1114-ben Kijevben született és 1154 körül valahol a magyar-bizánci határon halt meg egy kisebb fegyveres összecsapásban.

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    Constantine was the elder son of Boris Kalamanos (a claimant for the throne of the Kingdom of Hungary) and his wife, Anna Doukaina (a relative of the Byzantine Emperor John II Komnenos). His paternal grandmother, Euphemia was caught in adultery by her husband, King Coloman of Hungary who never recognised her son (Constantine' father) as his own.

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    H ungarian prince Boris Kalamanos (bs. Boril Borić , hu. Borics , Borisz ) was under the rules of international legal order the first (since 1141) sovereign ruler of Bosnia [4] [5] [6] - the cradle of Western and other civilizations - as her first Viceroy and Ban of Bosnia [7] .

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