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    Cairo (/ ˈ k aɪ r oʊ / KY-roh; Arabic: القاهرة ‎, romanized: al-Qāhirah, pronounced [ælˈqɑːhɪɾɑ] ) is the capital of Egypt and the largest city in the Arab world. Its metropolitan area, with a population of over 30 million, is the largest in Africa, the Arab world, and the Middle East, and the 6th-largest in the world.

    • 23 m (75 ft)
    • Egypt
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    Cairo is located at the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. Fort Defiance, a Civil War camp, was built at the confluence in 1862 by Union General Ulysses S. Grant to control strategic access to the river. Cairo has the lowest elevation of any location in Illinois and is the only Illinois city to be surrounded by levees.

    • United States
    • Illinois
  3. Cairo (Arabic: القاهرة ‎, usually transliterated as Al-Qāhirah) is the capital and largest city in Egypt. The city name can be translated as the one who won. Cairo is sometimes called "Mother of the World" (Um al Dunya). Cairo has 7,947,121 people. About 17,290,000 people live in its urban area.

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    Coordenadas: 30° 03' N 31° 13' E Cairo القاهرة • al-Qāhira Localidade Cairo à noite Símbolos Bandeira Gentílico cairota Localização Cairo Localização de Cairo no Egito Coordenadas 30° 03' N 31° 13' E Província Cairo História Fundação 969 Fundador Califado Fatímida Características geográficas População total (2018) 9 500 000 hab. • População metropolitana 19 ...

    • cairota
    • Cairo
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    Cairo is an aa associatit wi Auncient Egyp due tae its proximity tae the Great Sphinx an the pyramids in adjacent Giza. Egyptians the day aften refer tae Cairo as Maṣr (Arabic:مصر), the Arabic pronunciation o the name for Egyp itsel, emphasizin the ceety's continued role in Egyptian influence.

    • 453 km² (175 sq mi)
    • Cairo
    • Abdel Qawi Khalifa
    • Egyp
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    Cairo (Tiếng Ả rập: القاهرة ‎ chuyển tự: al-Qāhirah, bắt nguồn từ tiếng Ả Rập nghĩa là "khải hoàn") là thủ đô của Ai Cập. Dân số vùng đô thị Cairo là 18 triệu người. Cairo là vùng đô thị lớn thứ 17 về mặt dân số của thế giới, thứ 10 năm 2004 về tiêu chí này.

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    Cairo (stylized as cairo) is an open source programming library that provides a vector graphics-based, device-independent API for software developers. It provides primitives for two-dimensional drawing across a number of different back ends. Cairo uses hardware acceleration when available.

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    Cairo Governorate is a governorate of Egypt. Its capital, the city of Cairo, is also the national capital of Egypt. References Coordinates. This page was last changed ...

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    Cairo (în arabă القاهرة, Al-Qāhirah, însemnând „cea triumfătoare”, „cea învingătoare”; în coptă: ⲕⲁϩⲓⲣⲏ, transliterat Kahire) este capitala Egiptului cu o populație estimată între 16 și 20 de milioane de locuitori și o suprafață de 453 km 2.