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    Thu Minh returned to prominence in 2010 with the demo single "Đường cong" ("The curve") and in 2011, a pure-dance album Body language (Ngôn ngữ cơ thể) was released. This contained purely 11 dance-pop songs as Thu Minh bravely coordinated with two young musicians Nguyen Hai Phong and former-supermodel-to-be-singer Nathan Lee.

  2. El dance pop es un género de música pop orientada al dance que se originó a principios de los años 1980.Desarrollándose a partir del post-disco, new wave, synth pop [1] y house, es una música de ritmo animado idónea para discotecas con la intención de ser bailables, aunque es también apta para «radiofórmulas».

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    Bassist and keyboardist Cole Whittle was a part of the band from when it started in 2015 to when it went on hiatus in 2018. DNCE's music is mainly dance-rock, dance-pop, pop rock, and funk-pop. The band signed with Republic Records, who released their debut single, "Cake by the Ocean", which was released on September 18, 2015.

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