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      • In addition to Live Tutoring, Rosetta Stone also has a community of language learners online where you can practise chatting and get feedback. › learn-language
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  2. Can you really learn a new language using Rosetta Stone? Although the program provides you various methods of practice such as speaking, visual, and reading. it does lack one CRITICAL component that could be the difference between your success or failure…

  3. Jun 4, 2020 · Rosetta Stone is undoubtedly one of the most famous language-learning programs. But is it any good? The answer is an emphatic yes, especially if you're new to a language and want to develop a...

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  4. The latest major version of Rosetta Stone is Rosetta Stone Language Learning 5.0.13. Language packs also have version numbers. The version number of the language pack is distinct from the version numbering scheme of the Rosetta Stone application, and a language pack is only compatible with specific versions of the application.

    • 1992; 31 years ago
    • Proprietary
    • 5.0.37, / October 9, 2014; 8 years ago
  5. Nov 20, 2023 · Absolutely! Rosetta Stone offers diverse languages, including less commonly taught ones. So, whether you're interested in mastering a widely spoken language like Spanish or delving into a less common one like Swahili, Rosetta Stone has you covered. Is Rosetta Stone suitable for children or young learners?

  6. Rosetta Stone has crafted a language learning program and award-winning mobile app that focuses on helping language learners thrive in real-world conversations. Through contextualised practise and feedback, Rosetta Stone encourages learners to begin speaking the language from the very first lesson.

  7. Dec 4, 2022 · Yes, many colleges and universities accept Rosetta Stone as a language credit. However, it’s best to check with the school you are applying to in order to find out if they accept the program. Does Rosetta Stone have a placement test?

  8. Jun 25, 2019 · Rosetta Stone is the grandfather of language-learning apps. Here's why it's worth a try to start studying a new tongue. Every time you struggle to say "no onions, please" on a Cancun vacation, you promise yourself you'll finally learn Spanish.

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