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      • The Prague Metro (Czech: Pražské metro) is the rapid transit network of Prague, Czech Republic. Founded in 1974, the Prague Metro now comprises three lines (A, B and C), serving 61 stations (predominantly with island platforms), and consists of a transit network 65.2 kilometres (40.5 mi) long.,a%20transit%20network%2065.2%20kilometres%20%2840.5%20mi%29%20long.
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  2. Prague Metro - Wikipedia

    The Prague Metro is the rapid transit network of Prague, Czech Republic. Founded in 1974, the Prague Metro now comprises three lines, serving 61 stations, and consists of a transit network 65.2 kilometres long. Prague Metro system served 589.2 million passengers in 2012, making it the fifth busiest metro system in Europe. Two types of metro trains are used on the lines of the Prague Metro: 81-71M and from 2000 new Metro M1. All the lines are controlled automatically from the central dispatching,

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    • 65.2 km (40.5 mi)
    • 61
    • 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 ¹⁄₂ in)
  3. Prague Metro - Prague Travel

    As you can see from the map there are three metro lines. They crisscross the city and touch on almost every section. You can get just about anywhere in the city via metro. The three lines interchange near the center of Prague, forming a kind of metro ring road around the center.

  4. Tram and Metro in Prague - Prague Now

    Public transport in Prague is excellent; swift, cheap and frequent. You will have the choice of tram and metro. There are only few buses in the centre, they tend to go to the suburbs. Your ticket is good for 90 minutes of travel on all forms of transport, including the funicular.

  5. Does Prague have a metro system? - Quora

    Dec 16, 2019 · Of course we DO have a Metro system. Or Subway, or Tube, or Underground, or whatever you call it in your country. It can only be found in Prague, though. It has three lines - A, B, C. It spans basically thoughout the whole Prague, or at least the main points (which happens especially at the outskirts of the city).

  6. Getting Around Using Prague Public Transport -

    Most domestic trains depart from Prague Masarykovo Nadrazi, Prague Hlavni Nadrazi (Main Station) or from Praha Smichov. A few leave from Praha Holesovice. All these stations have metro stops (except Masarykovo which is a 5 minute walk from the Namesti Republiky metro station) and are easily accessible.

  7. How many Metro lines does Prague have? - Prague

    Answer to the trivia question 'How many Metro lines does Prague have?'. Category: Czech Republic ... These lines use the same kind of rolling-stock as the Moscow Metro.

  8. Prague Public Transportation - Wheelchair Travel

    The Prague Metro is the fifth busiest metro system in Europe, serving nearly 600 million passengers annually. The metro consists of three lines, lettered A, B and C, and serves 61 stations. Future expansion and a new line, D, is planned.

  9. Tickets are valid on metro, tram, bus, funicular, ferry and train lines in the area of Prague. In information centers and selling points at most of the metro stations In yellow ticket vending machines at metro stations and some surface transit stops In newspaper shops in the whole area of Prague

  10. Using the metro in Prague - Rick Steves Travel Forum

    Similar to Rome, the Prague metro skirts the central area but does not go into it. So, you won't use the metro much; the main transport in Prague is the trams. I used them a fair amount, so the transit pass was highly worthwhile, but not everyone does.

  11. Prague rental prices have dropped in 2020, due to the lack of ...

    Oct 14, 2020 · The average price of rental housing in Prague fell by 2.6% in the first half of 2020. Rent is now around 300 CZK per square meter, according to an analysis prepared for City Hall by consultancy Deloitte. From a long-term perspective, the level of Prague rents has been growing at a year-on-year rate ...