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  2. FAQ - Information on the Vatican - Vatican News › en › faq

    For information regarding Vatican numismatic and philatelic issues, please consult the website of the Governorate of Vatican City, dedicated to the Philatelic and Numismatic Office. How can I buy photos with the Pope? To purchase and book photos of public events with Pope Francis, please visit the website of the Vatican Media Photographic Service.

  3. The Vatican says they're broke. Are they? › 2021/03/12 › the-vatican-says-theyre

    Mar 12, 2021 · The Vatican is making a plea to over a billion practicing Catholics around the globe as they have nearly depleted their financial reserves. This comes following a 2020 in which many of the standard revenue sources, including donations, dried up for them and most other religious groups due to Covid-19 lockdowns.

  4. On 1 February 2021, the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, and Vatican Gardens reopened to the public, following a closure due to the pandemic. If you’re planning to visit Vatican City, please ensure that you’re aware of all safety measures and guidelines in place. The Vatican now only accepts online reservations.

  5. Photos Inside the Vatican: Pope Francis ... - Business - Insider › vatican-photos-inside

    Built on Vatican Hill where Roman Emperor Nero is said to have executed St. Peter, the basilica is an ornate and awe-inspiring monument, with works from world-renowned painters and sculptors ...

  6. How Rich Is the Catholic Church? - Pope Web - Vatican 2021 › how-rich-is-the-catholic-church
    • Introduction
    • Church Finances
    • Other Branches
    • Conclusion

    Therefore, Pope Francisis not just the spiritual leader of arguably the most significant religious group in the world, but also the head of probably the wealthiest institution the world has ever seen. The global spending of the Catholic Church matches the annual revenues of the largest firms in the world. The assets it has are also unreal, including real estate, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Vatican City, and the most significant art pieces in existence. Still, it is surprisingly difficult to understand how rich the church really is. This is due to the fact that church finances are complicated, but also because, at least in the USA, churches do not make financial reports.

    The main thing that is familiar regarding the Catholic Church financesand cash flow terms, is that the United States branch is the most important. America is a very rich country and has a large population of Catholics that is actually a religious minority. Therefore, instead of using politics money to influence the shape of mainstream government institutions, they have created a web of schools, hospitals, universities, and charities. All of these combined serve millions of people. A 2012 investigation by the Economist I our best insight here, which calculated a sum of $170 billion in annual spending, of which nearly $150 billion are for hospitals and higher education. The operating budget of parishes of roughly $11 billion a year is not a significant share here, while the Catholic Charities are an even smaller part. To compare, Apple and General Motors had revenues of some $150 billion worldwide in the fiscal year of 2012. Legally speaking, “the Catholic Church” does not exist, whic...

    There has been talking about the USA branch. However, several other branches should be mentioned. When we say the Catholic Church, we mostly mean its seat in the Vatican. This is the one whose worth is not and cannot really me estimated in numbers. Experts estimate between 10 and 15 billion US dollars, which is simply too low. There are however estimates of two other branches, mainly those of Australia and Germany. The Catholic Church of Australia has an estimated worth of 20.9 billion US dollars, while the German branch is worth 25 billion.

    Although this is an interesting topic to explore, as are all that try to reveal how much wealth the biggest corporation has, it is an impossible task. The Catholic Church is a too large and complicated religious organization, which has been present for centuries. They have too many assets and artifacts that are priceless in nature, and they will remain that way forever. We must accept that the Catholic Church is inconceivably rich, but we will never know the exact number.

  7. 13 shocking secrets about what's hiding in the Vatican vaults › secrets-of-the-vatican-vaults
    • Rumor has it that, deep inside its vaults, the Vatican has proof of something that could send the faithful running. It’s said that the Vatican actually has evidence that Jesus never existed!
    • Somebody get Mulder and Scully on the line, because the Vatican could be hiding extraterrestrial skulls! That’s right: it turns out aliens have been real this whole time and Rome is trying to keep it quiet… if you believe the whispers.
    • For decades, conspiracy theorists have believed that the Illuminati has worked in tandem with the Roman Catholic Church, right down to being responsible for making all of the Church’s important appointments.
    • Have you ever dreamed of owning a device that helped you see any event in the past—and take pictures of it? Well, you’re in luck, because the Vatican is rumored to have such a device locked away in its top-secret vaults.
  8. Does the Vatican Have a Telescope Called LUCIFER? | Answers ... › astronomy › does-vatican-have
    • Vatican Telescope in Arizona?
    • Vatt It Is!
    • What’s in A Name?
    • Sinister Sense of Humor
    • Luci in The Sky?

    Many people are surprised to learn that the Vatican even has an observatory. The history of the Vatican Observatory goes back two and a half centuries. During its history, there has been some turmoil and several moves to escape the light and other hindrances that large cities, such as Rome, pose to doing astronomy. Therefore, more than a half-century ago the Vatican Observatory established a research group at the Steward Observatory of the University of Arizona in Tucson, while the Vatican Ob...

    Vatican astronomers used some of the facilities of Steward Observatory, but in 1993 the 1.8-meter Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope (VATT) opened on Mount Graham in southeast Arizona. The same year, Steward Observatory’s Heinrich Hertz Submillimeter Telescope (SMT) also opened on Mount Graham. A little more than a decade later, the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) opened on Mount Graham. With twin 8.4-meter mirrors, the LBT is one of the largest optical telescopes in the world. The LBT is...

    Astronomers mount various instruments on telescopes for research. They usually come up with catchy, and often humorous, names for these instruments. For instance, 35 years ago I used an infrared photometer on a telescope at Kitt Peak National Observatory near Tucson, Arizona. Since warm objects emit infrared radiation, it is important to cool infrared detectors, or else the signal you are trying to measure will be swamped with “noise.” The system I used cooled the detector to a very low tempe...

    While this cute moniker wasn’t official, others have been. An example is a very complex, useful instrument designed for the LBT. At its inception, the system was called Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Spectroscopic Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research (LUCIFER). The full title was descriptive of what the instrument was to do, but it was a mouthful. And notice that they had to play games with the acronym to get it to spell out anything memorable. I’m s...

    However, the amusement didn’t last long, for as word of it spread, many critics of the Roman Catholic Church made the connection with the LUCIFER instrument for the LBT sharing a mountain with the VATT, which very quickly (but incorrectly) morphed into the Vatican owning a telescope called LUCIFER. The firestorm that ensued probably was responsible for renaming the instrument LUCI in 2012, six years before LUCI was completed and went into service (such a complex instrument can require years o...

  9. INSIDE THE POPE’S REPTILIAN AUDIENCE HALL IN VATICAN CITY ... › inside-popes-reptilian-audience-hall

    Jan 30, 2018 · The Vatican, while located in Rome, is it’s own sovereign nation state, and a look around the grounds reveals unimaginable wealth and a plethora of strangely symbolic pieces. The famous Fontana della Pigna is a massive pine cone which is believed by many to represent the pineal gland, a tiny gland within the human brain believed to be the ...

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