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    Dorothea was born into the House of Garai, an extremely powerful noble family of the Kingdom of Hungary. She was one of the daughters of John Garai , ispán (count) of the Temes County and ban (governor) of the Bosnian region of Usora .

    • 1410s
    • August 1428 – September 1438
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    Dorothy Garai (Bosnian: Doroteja Gorjanska/Доротеја Горјанска, Hungarian: Garai Dorottya; died between 19 and 24 September 1438) was a Hungarian noblewoman who became Queen of Bosnia upon her marriage to King Tvrtko II in 1428. She functioned as art patron and exerted significant influence over her husband, especially over his relations with church officials, which earned her ...

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    Dorothy Garai is part of the WikiProject Bosnia and Herzegovina, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of articles related to Bosnia and Herzegovina on Wikipedia. . If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the project and see a list of open tas

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    Nicholas I Garai (Croatian: Nikola I Gorjanski, Hungarian: Garai Miklós I), the chief governor of Pressburg, was a palatine to the King of Hungary (1375–1385). He was killed in 1386. Nicholas I's first son John Garai (Ivan Gorjanski, Garai János; 1371–1429) was the governor of Temesiensis and Pozsega banates.

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    Bernhard Garai (Bert Garai, 1890–1973), ungarisch-britischer Fotograf, Gründer der Keystone-Bildagentur Dorothea Garai (1899–1982), deutsche Schriftstellerin Károly Garai († 1942 im GULAG ), ungarischer Journalist (Pseudonym Karl Kirschner), Ehemann von Dorothea Garai

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    She was the daughter of powerful Hungarian nobleman, János Garai, who governed Croatia as ban, and a descendant of a notable Hungarian noble family of Garai. [1] Her mother was Hedwig of Masovia, daughter of Siemowit IV, Duke of Masovia. [2] In 1427, King Tvrtko II of Bosnia expressed his wish to marry Dorothy.

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    Two years later, he married his first wife Dorothea of the Garai family, who was the daughter of the Palatine of Hungary Nicholas Garay. In 1411, he made a pact with nobleman Ivaniš Nelipić against Ladislaus of Naples.

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    Dorothea Garai This page was last edited on 13 April 2020, at 02:07 (UTC). Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License ...

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    Garai (Garay, Gorjanski) var en ungersk-kroatisk adelsätt. Garai är ungersk uradel stammande ur och en gren av klanen Dorozsma med framstående medlemmar under 1300- och 1400-talen. De var herrar till Csesznek .

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    Nicholas I Garai (Hungarian: Garai I Miklós, Croatian: Nikola I Gorjanski) (c. 1325 – 25 July 1386) was a most influential officeholder under king Louis I and queen Mary of Hungary. He was ban of Macsó between 1359 and 1375, and palatine from 1375 until his death. He was also ispán or head of a number of counties over his lifetime.