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    The ducat (/ ˈdʌkət /) was a gold or silver coin used as a trade coin in Europe from the later Middle Ages until as late as the 20th century. Many types of ducats had various metallic content and purchasing power throughout the period.

  2. From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A ducat from 1582 A ducat is a gold coin that was used for trade in Europe until World War I. The first ducat was made in silver by Roger II of Sicily in 1140.

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  4. Two Sicilies ducat - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The ducat was the main currency of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies between 1816 and 1860.

    • ½, 1, 1½, 2, 3, 5, 10 tornesels, G.5, G.10, G.20, G.60, G.120
    • tornesel
    • Y
  5. Andy Ducat - Wikipedia

    Andrew Ducat (16 February 1886 – 23 July 1942) was an England and Surrey cricketer and an England footballer, being one of an elite group to have represented their country in both sports.

    • Right-handed
    • Andrew Ducat
  6. Guillaume Ducat - Wikipedia

    Guillaume Ducat (born 25 May 1996) is a French rugby union player. His position is Lock and he currently plays for Aviron Bayonnais in the Top 14.

    • Guillaume Ducat
    • 2.05 m (6 ft 8 ½ in)
    • 25 May 1996 (age 24)
    • Tarbes, France
  7. Arthur Ducat - Wikipedia

    Arthur Charles Ducat, Sr. (February 24, 1830 – January 29, 1896) was an officer in the Union Army during the American Civil War.After the Civil War, Ducat was an insurance industry executive and fire prevention specialist.

  8. LD (cigarette) - Wikipedia

    Wikimedia Commons has media related to LD (cigarette). LD (short for Liggett Ducat, the name of the original manufacturer) is a Russian brand of cigarettes, currently owned by Japan Tobacco. In the United States, it is manufactured in Turkey for JT International U.S.A.

  9. Ducat - Wikipedia

    De la Wikipedia, enciclopedia liberă Ducele și ducesa de la Scania în 1905 Ducatul este un teritoriu sau un fief guvernat de un duce. Termenul de ducat este folosit aproape exclusiv în Europa, unde în zilele noastre nu mai există nici un ducat suveran.

  10. Ducat (monedă) - Wikipediaă)

    Ducat este numele unor monede, fie din argint, fie din aur, care au fost emise în diferite țări din Europa, începând din Evul Mediu până la începutul Primului Război Mondial. Primii ducați au fost emiși în Italia .

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