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  1. Frederick of Saxony (Teutonic Knight) - Wikipedia

    Duke Frederick of Saxony (26 October 1473 – 14 December 1510), also known as Friedrich von Sachsen or Friedrich von Wettin, was the 36th Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights, serving from 1498–1510. He was the third (and youngest surviving) son of Albert, Duke of Saxony, and Sidonie of Poděbrady, daughter of George of Podebrady.

  2. Frederick III, Elector of Saxony - Wikipedia,_Elector_of...

    Frederick III (17 January 1463 – 5 May 1525), also known as Frederick the Wise (German Friedrich der Weise), was Elector of Saxony from 1486 to 1525, who is mostly remembered for the worldly protection of his subject Martin Luther.

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  4. Frederick of Saxony - Wikipedia

    Duke Frederick of Saxony (1474–1510), Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights Frederick, Hereditary Prince of Saxony (1504 - 1539), son of George, Duke of Saxony Frederick August I, Elector of Saxony , or Augustus II the Strong (1670–1733), ruler of Saxony from 1694 to 1733

  5. John Frederick II, Duke of Saxony - Wikipedia,_Elector...

    John Frederick II of Saxony (8 January 1529 – 19 May 1595), was Duke of Saxony (1554–1566).

  6. John Frederick III, Duke of Saxony - Wikipedia

    John Frederick was the fourth and youngest son of Elector of Saxony Johann Frederick the Magnanimous (1503-1554) from his marriage with Sibylle (1512-1554), the daughter of Duke John III, Duke of Cleves. Due to neglect during his childhood, he was always sickly and weak.

    • City Church in Weimar
    • 21 October 1565 (aged 27), Jena
  7. Frederick Augustus I of Saxony - Wikipedia,_King...

    Frederick Augustus I (German: Friedrich August I.; Polish: Fryderyk August I; 23 December 1750 – 5 May 1827) was a member of the House of Wettin who reigned as the last Elector of Saxony from 1763 to 1806 (as Frederick Augustus III) and as King of Saxony from 1806 to 1827. He was also Duke of Warsaw from 1807 to 1815.

  8. Frederick I, Elector of Saxony - Wikipedia

    Frederick I, the Belligerent or the Warlike (German: Friedrich der Streitbare; 11 April 1370 – 4 January 1428), a member of the House of Wettin, ruled as Margrave of Meissen from 1407 and Elector of Saxony (as Frederick I) from 1423 until his death.

  9. List of rulers of Saxony - Wikipedia

    The electors of Saxony from John the Steadfast (or, according to some accounts, Frederick the Wise) onwards have been Lutheran until Augustus II of Saxony converted to Roman Catholicism in order to be elected King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania.

  10. Lothair III, Holy Roman Emperor - Wikipedia,_Duke_of_Saxony

    For the French monarch, see Lothair of France. Lothair III, sometimes numbered Lothair II and also known as Lothair of Supplinburg (before 9 June 1075 – 4 December 1137), was Holy Roman Emperor from 1133 until his death. He was appointed Duke of Saxony in 1106 and elected King of Germany in 1125 before being crowned emperor in Rome.

    • 1133–1137
    • Henry V
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