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  2. East Francia - Wikipedia

    East Francia (Latin: Francia orientalis) or the Kingdom of the East Franks (regnum Francorum orientalium) was a precursor of the Holy Roman Empire. A successor state of Charlemagne's empire, it was ruled by the Carolingian dynasty until 911. It was created through the Treaty of Verdun (843) which divided the former empire into three kingdoms.

  3. List of German monarchs - Wikipedia

    This is a list of monarchs who ruled over East Francia, and the Kingdom of Germany (Regnum Teutonicum), from the division of the Frankish Empire in 843 until the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire in 1806. The title used by the early rulers was Rex Francorum orientalium, "King of the East Franks", or Rex Francorum "King of the

  4. East Francia was divided into four duchies: Swabia , Franconia, Saxony and Bavaria (with Carinthia). And after the death of Lothair II in 869, these were added the eastern parts of Lotharingia. This division have there until 1268, the end of the Hohenstaufen dynasty.

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  5. Francia - Wikipedia

    Middle Francia was the territory ruled by Lothair I, wedged between East and West Francia. The kingdom, which included the Kingdom of Italy , Burgundy, the Provence , and the west of Austrasia , was an unnatural creation of the Treaty of Verdun, with no historical or ethnic identity.

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  6. File:East Francia 843.svg - Wikimedia Commons

    May 26, 2016 · West Francia – 843: Kingdom of France – 1000: Kingdom of France – 1097: Kingdom of France – 1190: Also known as Francia, the Kingdom of the Franks and the Carolingian Empire: Partitioned from Francia in the Treaty of Verdun along with Middle Francia and East Francia (later the Kingdom of Germany; see below)

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    • English: A map of East Francia within Europe circa 843 CE, following the treaty of Verdun.
  7. Middle Francia - Wikipedia

    Middle Francia was situated between the realms of East and West Francia, and comprised the Frankish territory between the rivers Rhine and Scheldt, the Frisian coast of the North Sea, the former Kingdom of Burgundy (except for a western portion, later known as Bourgogne) and Provence, as well as parts of northern Italy.

  8. Francia was a kingdom founded in 481 AD. It may also be called the Kingdom of the Franks, Frankish Kingdom, or Frankish Empire. It was first a province of the Western Roman Empire founded by Clovis I. Before that it was a Germanic state.

  9. Treaty of Meerssen - Wikipedia

    The Treaty of Mersen or Meerssen, concluded on 8 August 870, was a treaty of partition of the realm of Lothair II, known as Lotharingia, by his uncles Louis the German of East Francia and Charles the Bald of West Francia, the two surviving sons of Emperor Louis I the Pious.

  10. Germany - Wikipedia

    The English word Germany derives from the Latin Germania, which came into use after Julius Caesar adopted it for the peoples east of the Rhine. The German term Deutschland, originally diutisciu land ("the German lands") is derived from deutsch, descended from Old High German diutisc "of the people" (from diot or diota "people"), originally used to distinguish the language of the common people ...

  11. Louis the Child - Wikipedia

    Louis the Child (893 – 20/24 September 911), sometimes called Louis III or Louis IV, was the king of East Francia from 900 until his death in 911 and was the last ruler of the Carolingian dynasty there. He succeeded his father, king Arnulf of Carinthia in 899, when he was six and reigned until his death aged 17 or 18.