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    East Franconian (German: Ostfränkisch), usually referred to as Franconian (Fränkisch) in German, is a dialect which is spoken in Franconia, the northern part of the federal state of Bavaria and other areas in Germany around Nuremberg, Bamberg, Coburg, Würzburg, Hof, Bayreuth, Meiningen, Bad Mergentheim, and Crailsheim.

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    Franconia (German: Franken; Bavarian: Frankn, Franggn) is a region in Germany, characterised by its culture and language, and may be roughly associated with the areas in which the East Franconian dialect group, colloquially referred to as "Franconian" (German: "Fränkisch"), is spoken.

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    The Franconian languages are considered dialects of German and Dutch even though often termed languages. The dialects are further subdivided into ranges under a common name, which may also be subdivided; for example, Flemish is a dialect of Dutch. It is further divided into East and West Flemish. Not all dialects of Dutch and German are Franconian.

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    (en: The East-Middle German dialects contain the Thuringian, the Upper Saxon,... the South Franconian, the East Franconian (or Main Franconian), the Bavarian...). The probably wrong distinction of a few East Franconian German dialects as a so called Main Franconian Group does not fit with the already mentioned Handwörterbuch von Bayerisch-Franken.

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  6. South Franconian German - Wikipedia

    South Franconian (German: Südfränkisch) is an Upper German dialect which is spoken in the northernmost part of Baden-Württemberg in Germany, around Karlsruhe, Mosbach and Heilbronn. Like closely related East Franconian it is a transitional dialect, which unites elements of Central German and Upper German.

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    Apart from West Central German on the southern edge and in south-east Franconian dialects are turning to Upper German.This transition area between Central German and Upper German is captured by the dialect families of South Franconian German and East Franconian German, colloquially miscalled Franconian as dialects of this sub-family are spoken all over Franconia.

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    Rhenish Franconian or Rhine Franconian (German: Rheinfränkisch (help · info)) is a dialect chain of West Central German.It comprises the varieties of German spoken across the western regions of the states of Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate, northwest Baden-Wurttemberg, and Hesse in Germany.

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    Rhine Franconian (German: Rheinfränkisch (help·info) ), or Rhenish Franconian, is a dialect family of West Central German. It comprises the German dialects spoken across the western regions of the states of Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate, northwest Baden-Wurttemberg, and Hesse in Germany.

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    Wp/vmf. From Wikimedia Incubator < Wp Wp > vmf. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Main-Franconian Wikipedia. ... Language: East Franconian German language

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    Translingual: ·A botanical plant name author abbreviation for botanist Boudewijn Karel Boom (1903-1980).··A Belgian town and municipality in the southwest of the Flemish ...