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    • There are a range of Eastern Catholic Churches including (but not limited to):

      • Melkite Greek Catholic Church
      • Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church
      • Syro-Malabar Catholic Church
      • Chaldean Catholic Church
      • Maronite Church
      • Armenian Catholic Church
      • Syro-Malankara Catholic Church,6%20Armenian%20Catholic%20Church%207%20Syro-Malankara%20Catholic%20Church
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  2. Eastern Catholic Churches - Wikipedia

    List of Eastern Catholic churches Coptic Catholic Church. Ethiopian Catholic Church. Armenian Catholic Church. Albanian Greek Catholic Church. Belarusian Greek Catholic Church. Bulgarian Greek Catholic Church. Greek Byzantine Catholic Church. Hungarian Greek Catholic Church. Italo-Albanian ...

  3. Eastern Catholic churches - Simple English Wikipedia, the ...

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Eastern Catholic Churches are autocephalous Christian churches. They recognize the Bishop of Rome as their spiritual leader, like other Catholics.They differ on ideas as how a mass should be organised, or which prayers are more important than others.

  4. Eastern Christianity - Wikipedia

    Eastern Christianity comprises church families that developed - outside the Occident - from the original cradle of Christianity in Western Asia, with major bodies including the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Oriental Orthodox churches, the Eastern Catholic churches (that have re-established communion with Rome but still maintain Eastern liturgies), Protestant Eastern Christian Churches who are Protestant in theology but Eastern Christian in cultural practice, and the denominations descended ...

  5. The East­ern Catholic Churches or Ori­en­tal Catholic Churches, also called the East­ern-rite Catholic Churches, and in some his­tor­i­cal cases Uni­ate Churches, are twenty-three East­ern Chris­t­ian par­tic­u­lar churches sui iuris in full com­mu­nion with the Pope in Rome, as part of the world­wide Catholic Church.

  6. Eastern Catholic Churches | Religion-wiki | Fandom

    The Eastern Catholic Churches are autonomous (in Latin, sui iuris) particular Churches in full communion with the Bishop of Rome —the pope. They preserve the centuries-old liturgical and devotional traditions of the various Eastern Christian Churches with which they are associated historically.

  7. Catholic Church - Wikipedia

    The Eastern Catholic Churches follow the traditions and spirituality of Eastern Christianity and are churches which have always remained in full communion with the Catholic Church or who have chosen to re-enter full communion in the centuries following the East–West Schism and earlier divisions. These churches are communities of Catholic Christians whose forms of worship reflect distinct historical and cultural influences rather than differences in doctrine.

  8. Eastern Orthodox Church - Wikipedia

    The Eastern Orthodox Church, officially the Orthodox Catholic Church, is the second-largest Christian church, with approximately 260 million baptised members. It operates as a communion of autocephalous churches, each governed by its bishops in local synods. Roughly half of Eastern Orthodox Christians live in Russia.

  9. Eastern Christianity - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...

    Eastern Christianity means the Christian traditions and churches which developed in Greece, the Balkans, Eastern Europe, Asia Minor, the Middle East, East Africa and southern India over several centuries of religious antiquity. That are especially four families of churches: the Assyrian Church of the East, the Eastern Orthodox Churches, Oriental Orthodoxy, and the Eastern Catholic Churches .

  10. Eastern Catholic Churches - The Reader Wiki, Reader View of ...

    The Eastern Catholic Churches or Oriental Catholic Churches, also called the Eastern-rite Catholic Churches, or simply the Eastern Churches and in some historical cases referred to pejoratively as Uniates, [a] are twenty-three Eastern Christian sui iuris (autonomous) particular churches of the Catholic Church, in full communion with the pope in Rome.

  11. Western Christianity - Wikipedia

    The Byzantine Rite Eastern Orthodox Churches are also in communion with some Latin/Western Rite Orthodox Churches. The large majority of the world's 2.3 billion Christians are Western Christians (about 2 billion – 1.2 billion Latin Catholic and 800 million Protestant).

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