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  1. Eastern Orthodox church architecture constitutes a distinct, recognizable family of styles among church architectures.These styles share a cluster of fundamental similarities, having been influenced by the common legacy of Byzantine architecture from the Eastern Roman Empire.

  2. The Eastern Orthodox Church is decentralised, having no central authority, earthly head or a single bishop in a leadership role. Thus, the Eastern Orthodox use a synodical system canonically, which is significantly different from the hierarchical organisation of the Catholic Church that follows the doctrine of papal supremacy.

  3. Jan 14, 2019 · Eastern Orthodoxy Vs. Protestantism . A clear distinction between Eastern Orthodoxy and Protestantism is the concept of "Sola Scriptura."This "Scripture alone" doctrine held by Protestant faiths asserts that the Word of God can be clearly understood and interpreted by the individual believer and is sufficient on its own to be the final authority in Christian doctrine.

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