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  1. Euphemia of Pomerania - Wikipedia

    Euphemia of Pomerania (1285 – 26 July 1330) was Queen of Denmark as the spouse of King Christopher II. She was the daughter of Bogislaw IV, Duke of Pomerania, and his second spouse, Margarete of Rügen. Euphemia wed Christopher in 1300.

  2. Barnim IV, Duke of Pomerania - Wikipedia,_Duke_of_Pomerania

    Barnim IV of Pomerania (1325 – 22 August 1365) was a Duke of Pomerania-Wolgast-Rügen. Life. He was the second son of Duke Wartislaw IV of Pomerania-Wolgast and the brother of Bogislaw V and Wartislaw V. He married Sophie of Werle (1329–1364), the daughter of John II of Werle.

    • 1325
    • Elisabeth of Lindow-Ruppin
  3. Euphemia de Pomerania - Wikipedia

    Euphemia de Pomerania (1285 – 26 iulie 1330) a fost regină consort, soția regelui Christopher al II-lea al Danemarcei. A fost fiica lui Bogislaw al IV-lea, Duce de Pomerania și a celei de-a doua soții, Margarete de Rügen. Euphemia s-a căsătorit cu Christopher în 1300.

  4. Euphemia (disambiguation) - Wikipedia

    Euphemia (/ j uː ˈ f iː m i ə /; Greek: Ευφημία) is a Greek female given name, meaning "well-spoken". It is derived from the ancient Greek words ευ (good) and φημί (to speak). The diminutive Effie is a pet form of Euphemia.

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  6. Euphemia of Greater Poland - Wikipedia

    Euphemia was the youngest child of Władysław Odonic and his wife Jadwiga, disputed daughter of Mestwin I, Duke of Pomerania and Swinisław, daughter of Mieszko III the Old. Euphemia's date of birth is unknown. In literature it claims Euphemia was born around 1230.

  7. Euphemia of Kuyavia - Wikipedia

    Euphemia of Kuyavia (c. 1265 – March 18, 1308 ) was a Kuyavian princess, who was Queen consort of Galicia-Volhynia.. She was the daughter of Casimir I of Kuyavia by his third wife Euphrosyne, daughter of Casimir I of Opole.

  8. Euphemia of Rügen - Wikipedia

    Euphemia of Rügen (c. 1280 – May 1312) was the Queen consort of Norway as the spouse of Håkon V of Norway. She is famous in history as a literary person, and known for commissioning translations of romances. Biography. Euphemia was most likely the daughter of Vitslav II, Prince of Rügen (1240–1302).

  9. Euphemia of Sweden - Wikipedia

    Euphemia was born in 1317 to Eric Magnusson (b. c. 1282-1318), Duke of Södermanland, second son of King Magnus I of Sweden, and Princess Ingeborg of Norway (1300–1360), the heiress and the only legitimate daughter of King Haakon V of Norway (1270– 1319).

  10. Cymburgis of Masovia - Wikipedia

    Cymburgis of Masovia (German: Cimburgis von Masowien), also Zimburgis or Cimburga (Polish: Cymbarka mazowiecka; 1394 or 1397 – 28 September 1429), a member of the Polish Piast dynasty, was Duchess of Austria from 1412 until 1424, by her marriage with the Habsburg duke Ernest the Iron.

  11. Valdemar IV de Dinamarca - Wikipedia, a enciclopedia libre

    Euphemia of Pomerania: Cónxuxe: Helvig de Schleswig: Fillos: Christopher, Duke of Lolland, Ingeborg of Denmark, Duchess of Mecklenburg e Margarida I de Dinamarca: Irmáns: Eric Christoffersen of Denmark, Otto, Duke of Lolland and Estonia e Margaret Christofsdottir: Premios: Knight in the Order of the Holy Sepulchre [ editar datos en Wikidata